IGP Adamu, ‘Puff Adder’ And Current Security Challenges


Acting Inspector General of Police Abubakar Mohammed Adamu, is one person that knows his onion when it comes to business of policing. From available records, he has served under virtually all the police units or departments.
From ‘A’ department to ‘F’ his imprints are all over the places. To say IGP Adamu excelled glowingly in all the units and departments he served before his ascension to the office of IG would certainly amount to overstatement.
The only department which he has not served in is ‘G’ department and the reason was not because he does not have ICT knowledge but only that he was not posted there. IGP Adamu a crack detective. He is an indigene of Lafia, Nasarawa State and joined the Nigerian Police Force in 1986 after graduating from Nigeria Police Training College, Ikeja Lagos.
An alumnus of the prestigious ABU Zaria, Adamu came to the office of IG fully prepared to elevate and transform the police into a disciplined, ruthlessly efficient and democratically accountable law enforcement agency that ensures the safety and security of all Nigerians. He is armed with all the knowledge and skills to spearhead a force that habitually operates within the rule of law, a force that would be respected and admired by the people it serves so as to deliver outstanding results.
IGP Adamu since his assumption of office as IG in January, has not relent in seeing the Nigerian Police Force live up to expectations of all Nigerians. Of course, the current security challenges in the country has been with us before the ascension of IGP Adamu, but due to his acumen which he acquired during his sojourn at various times with Interpol where he served as Vice President responsible for Africa, Executive Member and Director, Interpol general secretariat as well as his experience in community policing which earned him an accolade when he was a commissioner of police in Enugu state, many of our security challenges such as armed robbery, banditry, kidnapping and other criminal acts which of recent become our nightmare are being tackled frontally.
Only recently, the Police force through the operation ‘Puff Adder’ which IGP Adamu launched on 5th of April 2019 ostensibly to tackle violent crimes such as kidnapping, armed robbery and armed banditry across the country, has recorded tremendous successes in its operations as part of efforts to rid the country of all forms of violent crimes. Among the successes operation ‘Puff Adder’ recorded barely two month after its launch includes: arresting of 220 suspected kidnappers, recovering of 157 AK47, 38 dane guns, rocket launcher, 1, 502 live ammunition and 18 locally made pistols.
As part of the determination of IGP Adamu, operation Puff Adder within the period under review, was able to rescue a Chinese national unhurt as well as rescued 27 kidnapped victims, including a Channels television staff.
Yes, before Adamu’s assumption of office as IGP, little successes were recorded with regards to violent crimes in Nigeria, but with the determination of IGP Adamu and the encouragement of President Muhammadu Buhari many acts of crime and criminality have been reduced to certain minimum. It is instructive to note however that no nation, no matter the level of its advancement and sophistry, was able to rid its society of violent crimes. Hardly a day passes- by without hearing cases of violent crimes being committed in such countries we regarded as highly advanced both socially, economically, politically and even technologically.
But from all practical purposes IGP Adamu is poised to address squarely our security challenges. Apart from operation Puff Adder which is already a success story, there were other strategies which the IGP Adamu launched/adopted all geared towards securing our society.
It was precisely in line with this that while addressing officers and men of the Sokoto command of the force in continuation of his tour to some states in the North West, IGP Adamu stressed that the police had taken steps to deepen its strategy of combating crime and criminals across the country. He emphasized that the force would not relent in re-directing attention to renewed approach against criminal attacks by bandits on innocent Nigerians.
The recent arrest of kidnappers and the recovering of the weapons which they terrorize people with as listed above, was clearly a demonstration of the IGP Adamu’s renewed strategy in combating crime
in Nigeria. It also shows how committed the Police Force under IGP Adamu is, in using strategic intelligence machinery in combating insecurity especially in the North West.
The way the Police Force is approaching its duties today clearly defers sharply from the manner the Force used to carry out its mandate of securing our society. This new approach was but a direct result of IGP Adamu’s efforts in strengthening the logistics capacity of the police personnel; today Police personnels are being adequately supported, hence their determination to deplete crime rate in the country.
Within three months of his assumption of office, Nigerians have begun to experience efficient, responsive and responsible Police Force. Although it is too early in the day to begin to rejoice over security situations in this country, at least we have in the person of IGP Adamu, a man who is lively and battle ready to ensure all Nigerians sleep with both eyes closed.

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