My Mission, Vision For Nasarawa State- By A.A Sule


The governorship candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress party (APC) in Nasarawa State Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule has outlined his mission and vision for Nasarawa State when elected. Sule who said that his work ethic is based on data, practicality in line with his professional training, revealed that he had already undertaken a survey of the state’s needs, prospects as well as the means by way of models and procedures to achieve his set objectives for Nasarawa state.
Speaking at an interview in Lafia, he specified the needs of Nasarawa state to include peace, employment opportunities including empowerment of youths and women, economic development, massive infrastructural development, revenue generation and industrialization. Noting that nothing meaningful could be achieved in the absence of peace, Engr. Sule stated that youths and women as veritable human assets would be imbued with the requisite knowledge and tools to enable them contribute maximally to the development agenda. Revenue generation would need to be prioritized in order to bridge funding gaps as well as have enough to pay workers and others as at when due, he explained.
While acknowledging that industrialization is a major plank for generating employment and revenues to execute his other plans, Engr. Sule said that his industrialization strategy would be premised on reality, assessment of what is available.”I will be lying to the people of Nasarawa State if I say we are going to build the biggest cement factory in Africa, that is not possible because we don’t have the limestone for such or if I say we going to have the biggest oil production, we don’t have the hydro carbons for such”.
Continuing the APC Nasarawa state gubernatorial candidate and who is also the labayan Lafia averred that his goal is among others to have a state where unity prevails, where people live in peace with one another without any consideration for ethnic or religious attachment.
Engr. Sule stated that at expiration of his term, if elected he would like to be remembered for the opportunities he created for people. “I will like to be remembered by the development I am bringing to Nasarawa state, by the number of women who ordinarily would have been sad but I have made happy, by the youth whose lives I have touched to make them happy, by the security and peace I would have brought to the state”.
Stating that Governor Umar Tanko Al-makura had laid a solid foundation for Nasarawa State, the engineer cum industrialist said that his plan is to build solid structures on it.
On claims by the opposition that he is not a native of Nasarawa state, Sule described it as outlandish, asserting that the critics would have to decree Gudi, his hometown out of existence on the map of Nasarawa state for it to be believed. Delving into history, he disclosed that Gudi town was founded by his family, adding that his father the traditional ruler of the town is the one who to-date signs the indigene form of the people to confirm their indigeneship of Nasarawa.

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