2019 Election: Between Integrity And Corruption

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi Some mainstream Newspapers penultimate week, carried a report about corrupt leaders planning to enslave Nigerians. however as intriguing as this report may seem strange to all,it nonetheless, deserves to be treated as a matter of urgent national interest!

Yes, Let’s all unanimously reflect about our current Nigerian reality and vote to make ,”corrupt Leaders planning to enslave Nigerians” to be also a constitutionally criminal offence.

I must confess,that, the above topic deserves to be adopted ,or adapted, as the case may preferentially be considered in the general public interest , as a viable topic for serious national debates,given
the current level of political impunity and outright manipulations of the electoral process in the country, by selfish actors who have deliberately converted the system into a personally selfish and slavery procurement centre for themselves and their corruptly selfish cliques ,who manifest the same prebendal inclinations and dubious sinister subterfuges.

I must confess here.that,as soon as I read the bold headline, I became so instantly mesmerised as a totally and objectively converted Supporter of this very topical issue, ,which masthead was boldly recommended by a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against corruption , PACAC , reportedly mentioned as a professor Etannibi Alemika, in the News Page Column of the Daily Trust Newspaper of Friday, December 14,2018.

This is a remarkably bold and courageous initiative,coming against the background of Nigeria’s current growing insanity, in which the golden rules of democratic praxis ,traditionally and locatedly embedded in the age old pragmatic maxims and embellished in the universal slogan of being,” a government of the people, by the people and for the people ” is no longer a safe sanctuary for this adage, nor a sacrosanct oath of allegiance anymore,having being bastardized and obviated by the new spiritual platform of godfatherism, which compelling reality is reinforced by one’s financial might and determined by the New Naira gods,whose total control and vainglorious satanic capacity are made to invalidate any vested inputs and interests of the community.
If any responsibly respected research activist is in doubt,or interested in trying to find out,how the Nigerian people have been outrightly disenfranchised and totally dominated and feudalist ically outsourced, it is recommended to be in the company of either the Umaru Dembo Support Group Centre ,or its affiliates, like the Buhari Big League and Nationwide Fellowship Advocacy Groups,as well as the numerous pro Buhari Osinbajo Rural based Women and Youth Mobilization Groups who are the only organised and reliably visible campaign Link’s in the Rural areas of Nigeria’s curious political map,where the curious contradictions about the much publicized doctrine of ‘Monkey de work ,Baboon de chop’ is not only in vogue,but is the most prevailing political ideology, in the country,which cuts across all the boundaries of party differences and interests.
In deed,this undoubtedly unfortunate development makes professor Ettanibi Alemika’s clarion call as an apt and timely advisory intervention, to stem the tide of Nigeria’s current political insanity from cascading down to the bottomless pit of irrelevances and cesspool of incurable state of anarchism.
For the avoidance of doubt, I have already started foreseeing the ominous sign of the sagely prescient curses prescribed and ostensibly publicized clairvoyantly ,much earlier by some of our political heroes and founding fathers,like the lates Pa Awolowo , Aminu Kano and other more conservatively introverted peers in our ancient political Arena.
I believe,this is the time to heed to their ancient wisdoms, for a safelanding dantuary,before their verbal warnings become our most troublesome and worrisome national nightmares, or unending tragedy

As the going goes, to be “forewarned, is to be forearmed”; much like the saying,” a stitch in time saves nine”,which
all add up to compel for sober reflections!


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