Late Aliyu Danyaya: A Great, Iconic And Raconteur Poet And Singer

By Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi

They’re people whose social relevance and contributions in the society cannot be easily quantified,nor estimated!
Chief amongst such class of people are the poets,which in Africa,especially in Northern Nigeria, are generically stereotyped as Praise Singers,even when, their artistic and expressive techniques and roles are ingeniously multi sectoral in nature .

Given the typological versatility and masterful communicative artistry and combined idiomatic expressions the late poet- singer ,Alhaji Danyaya expressively showcased in his masterpieces, I would want to propose a change of the Hausa nomenclature word/title, for the late Alhaji Danyaya ‘Maiwaka’, as a ‘Traditional Poet’ which , from all intent and purposes,Maiwaka,or Mawaki, was too denigratively made fashionable,in order to posthumously, restore his artistic honour ,dignity and creative pedigree,like Europeans accord theirs, which,for me, was far more superior than the pejoratively conceived Hausa didactic version, coined to satisfy the extravagant traditional class complex and conscious idiosyncrasies of the feudal aristocracy in the North.

However, for me as an artist, who had been relatively familiar with the late Artiste’s styles and presentation techniques, since my early childhood, the late “Praise Singer”deservedly qualified to be granted some special posthumous status,as a Poet and a Raconteur per excellence, because,the late maestro blended so many traditional styles and presentation techniques,only people knowledgeable in the fields of music musicology and theatre practices will understand my quest for this epistemological redefinition.
And besides,the late Danya was to the North Central, what the late Genuis,Alhaji Maman Shata was to the entire North,during his time,on earth!
I believe,the Nasarawa State University, NSUK, Keffi,through its Departments of Theatre and Dramatic Arts,as well as their complementary sister Departments of Masscom and Sociology can help advance my quest, for the expansion through explorations and domestication of the talents of our indigenous and home grown talents.
Who ever thought in his wildest imaginations and dreams,that,African Music, dances and songs,would become the ultimate artistic genres, that would mobilizingly spearhead and amazingky help in shaping and inspiring the multimillion Naira Music and Entertainment Industry in America,nay,all over the world,which impacts and multiplayer effects produced the likes of the iconic, late Michael Jacksons and other great legends?
Well, for me,the late Danyaya of Nasarawan Keffi,was and ,still is a legend,not only in my artistic memory bank, from my childhood years,but is also a bold and courageous non partisan but social political activist.
Let me educate those who were ignorant and unfamiliar with the persecution syndrome against the CPC under Jonathan Nationwide,from its inception,particularly during the Peak of the Pre- 20 15 Presidential and Gubernatorial Electioneering Campaigns. when it was decreed and considered a taboo to be seen publicly romancing with the CPC.
It look men of special courage and moral defiance to be advertising their identity, during that Gestapo type democratic embargo,”when virtually. almost all the current fake elements and exuberantly sadistic and juvenile opportunists. who have now opportunistically hijacked the party as its power brokers. went into hiding underground,as faceless characters,leaving heroes like the late Danyaya Maiwaka Nasarawan Keffi, the late Abaga of Toni, Dr. Sylvester O. Ayih,the Paramount Ruler of the Gwandara as well as the Late Business mogul, Alhaji Abdulgafaru Yusuf, the never say die, Alhaji Abubakar A.E. Odu Kana,the consumate humanist and Education for all advocate,as well as the sagacious Pharmacist Anthony Sani, the iconic detribalised Mada godfather of the underprivileged Hausa Youths in Keffi: and together with the nameless and numerous battalion of Rural and Urban masses, from Lafia,to Keffi, to Doma, Toto, Umaisha, Laminga, Nasarawa Daddare, Wamba, Angwan Doka. Yelwa, Kana, Kokona,Shabu, Kwandare, Mada Station, Andaha Nunku, Maroa,Angwan Zaria,Gudi,Sabongida,Angwan Mallam, Karkaran Beti,Jama’an Gayam, Jama’an Alu,Sabongida,Kufangwari, Garaku,Obi, Awe, Azara, Panda, Bassa,Gadabuke,Obi, Tunga,Rukubi, Ara, Ago Karshi, Amba,Rukubi,Agwada, Agaba and all the rest of the villages in virtually all the Local Government and Development Areas of Nasarawa State, under the then, Pioneer CPC lone ranger Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura, supported by patriotically passionate and professionally motivated Journalists, that midwifed and defended the CPC revolution and ensured its survival,against the odds of totalitarian impunity of national and local PDP oppressors and predators!
Yes,these are my heroes.forever,come rain, come sunshine!
May God grant Alhaji Danyaya eternal bliss, plus his bounteous divine favours and forgiveness!
Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,

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