Al-makura Holds Valedictory Exco Meeting, Members To Submit Handover Notes Monday

Outgoing Governor of Nasarawa State, Umaru Tanko Al-makura held Valedictory State Executive Council meeting today amidst sorrowful mood as all the Commissioners were asked to prepare and handover their notes latest by Monday Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism Hon. Jamil Zakari who briefed journalists shortly after Valedictory meeting stated that the council discussed eight (8) items five (5) of which were ratification of various road projects across the state, which were

ongoing and are in various stages of completions. According to Zakari, other issues discussed includes, the just concluded Presidential/ National and Governorship and State Assembly Elections where the governor expressed his appreciation for the victory of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state and at the National Level. The Commissioner further stressed that the governor expressed his happiness that the APC produced all three Senators as well as the Governor who will succeed him. According to Zakari, the governor attributed the victory to the confidence the people have for the party.

The Commissioner also explained that the governor appreciated the effort put individually and collectively by members of the Nasarawa State Executive Council, adding that the governor described meeting of the council as valedictory meeting as it marked the winding up of the Government which he led.

Other items discussed at the meeting according Alhaji Zakari, includes approval by the council for the establishment of a cooperative Board and approval for the fertilized blending plants that were procured and installed by Government in Lafia , Keffi and Akwanga , stating that these were wise decisions taken by the Government to maximize the longevity and operations of these very important blending plants.

He said the Council also approved the upgrading and renovation of the Junior Secondary School across the state.

On the dissolution of the Council, Alhaji Zakari explained that all Commissioners and members of the State Executive Council had been given up to Monday next week to submit their handover notes, saying that next week would be the 29th April which would give the Government a clear thirty days within which to study the operations of the various Ministries then further directives would be given after submission of the handover notes which would take place Monday.

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