Prof. Mohammad Mainoma Akaro: Celebrating An Academic Living Legend

I join millions across the Globe to celebrate an Academic Living Legend of the Century. One of our own,an Academia Per Excellence,Intellectual Prowess, an Administrator and Entrepreneur Councillor.

Yesterday, Nasarawa State and indeed the world of ANAN celebrate and crown a Valued Personality with unquantifiable academic achievements and life successes as the 17th President of ANAN. The calibre of movers and shackers ,Political Gladiators, Eminent Royal Fathers, Religious Leaders, Captains of Industries, Friends and Associates defines the Person Mainoma.

1st Gardin Lafia
1st Indigenous Vice Chancellor Nsuk
1st Professor of Accounting in Lafia
1st Professor of Accounting Nasarawa State
2nd Professor of Accounting North Central
13th Professor of Accounting in Nigeria.
Vice President ANAN
National President ANAN.

Sir, words remain limitless to eulogies You.
I Pray Almighty Allah to grant you the wisdom to pilot the affairs of your new Office,May He protect and guide you in all your life endeavour. And may this office be the beginning of your success and we anticipate more higher appointments not within Nigeria or African but in the entire Universe. From Buhari Nata’ ala’s page.

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