Engr A.A Sule And The Pursuit Of Prosperity In Nasarawa State (1)

By Louis Azige

The incoming governor of Nasarawa State on May 29, 2019 has an ample opportunity to either improve on the provision of the basic needs of the people through the creation of job opportunities, reduction of poverty and inequality or allow the people to struggle on their own with poor fortunes.

All successive governments in the state have no doubt contributed their quota in the pursuit of development through the implementation of various policies, programmes and projects. Their efforts opened up new challenges that desire to be tackled and this is very clear for the new administration to see and confront. With the constitution of the Transition Committee and the thorough job it has done to provide adequate information on the achievements of the outgoing administration and the expectation from the incoming, Engr. A. A. Sule therefore has the opportunity to have access to adequate information and decide how best to improve the fortunes of Nasarawa State.

Aside the natural resources that are in abundance in the state, Engr. A. A. Sule can make public administration effective and efficient to utilize the abundant human and material resources to improve the lot of the state. The successes of many developed societies are actually built on a far less visible foundation – effective public administration and the incoming government must be effective to make a difference.
Effective public administration is the surest way to ensure discipline in the state among ordinary citizens and those in positions of authority and responsible for authoritative allocation of resources. This begins with the choice of men and women who are competent in character and experience and are committed to diligent implementation of policies and programmes for provision of job opportunities, reduction of poverty and inequality.
To address economic, environmental, educational, security, and social challenges confronting Nasarawa State and improve the way endowments, goods and services are generated and used to provide additional consumption and investment possibilities to majority of the people, an effective public service must be established and sustained.
The challenges confronting the state may seem almost insurmountable but, by prioritising efforts to build and sustaining an effective, efficient, and innovative public service, Nasarawa State will be positioned toward successful and sustainable development that is capable of enhancing a sustained improvement in the living conditions of majority of the people.
While it is appropriate that those who worked tirelessly to ensure the victory of Engr. A. A. Sule at the polls be rewarded with appointments, the new governor must ensure that he appoints people who will add value to the state, especially in the area of wealth and employment generation, education and healthcare delivery, and hold these appointees to account. He must ensure that his appointments are not merely base on patronage at the expense of efficient service delivery to the majority of the people.
Each country in the world and Nasarawa State in particular faces its own unique development need; however, experiences from many societies show that investing in a capable public service that is committed to the needs of citizens is vital in ensuring economic growth and human progress. This is an important lesson for Nasarawa State to be mindful of. The challenges confronting the state are fast-evolving and in different dimensions. Understanding and addressing these challenges require a public service that can develop long-term solutions while sourcing for new platforms and tools.
Engr. A. A. Sule must take to heart that without capable public administration and effective public services, Nasarawa State will struggle to deliver greater goods to a greater majority of the people. He must be courageous at all times to hire competent hands, gauge their performance and fire them when their actions and decisions does not add value to a greater majority of the people.
Azige, can be reached at: azigelouis@gmail.com

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