The New Emir Of Lafia, I Know

By Yusufu Shehu

Today is Friday a very significant day especially for Muslims. It is a day full of special blessings of Allah.
For us in Lafia, this day will be remembered as the day His Royal Highness, the Honourable Justice Sidi Dauda Bage JSC (rtd) will be coronated and given the Staff of Office as the Emir of Lafia following the demise of his predecessor Alhaji DR Isa Mustapha Agwai who died recently on the throne.
The emergence of Justice Bage as the new Emir of Lafia is not by accident but it is a divine decision which didn’t come to any person who knows the quality of Justice Bage’s character and antecedents, as a surprise.
The new Emir of Lafia is an accomplished jurist. He has worked and walked the rope of judicial heirrachy from the lowest bench of the magistracy to the apex bench of the Supreme Court of Nigeria
Justice Bage is also an astute administrator having served as the Chief Registrar of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory before his elevation to the High Court bench
I can say without any fear of contradiction that Justice Bage has always nursed the legitimate ambition of inheriting the stool of his great grand fathers. I made a post to similar effect when he was elevated to the exalted seat of a Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria
I can say this with confidence because I grew up with Justice Bage and since we were kids, he had always expressed the desire to be the Emir of Lafia.
Allah has made it easy for him to achieve this ambition by preparing him for the position.
Allah has bestowed on him wisdom, integrity, a strong moral character, intellect and patience as his core attributes.
Even in his growing days, unlike most of us who were his friends, Sidi, as we used to call him, was not given to frivolities of the youth.
He was always acting above his age and circumstances. These extra ordinary character traits put him on a good stead and on course to his justified and justifiable ambition
Justice Bage has never experimented with alcohol and never smoked anything. He kept his distance and it was a long one from unwholesome acts.
You would never find him in bad company and he would never participate in any rebellious or acts inimical to peace. He has always been moderate in words and actions
Justice Bage is a gentleman to the core and true to the real meaning of the word. He is quite in his mien and gentle in his conduct and disposition. He is a man of peace and a peace maker among men
The Justice Bage that I know, is unassuming and humble to a fault. He is a devout Muslim steadfast in faith and worship.
It is important for the people to know that in this time when most people are obsessed with material acquisition, Justice Bage has chosen to remain on the path of integrity.
He lives a frugal and low keyed life style compared to many in his position and even below him in rank and disposition.
Justice Bage listens to people and is magnanimous and generous and he is not tight fisted within the limit of his decent and legitimate resources
With these qualities and antecedents, the choice of Justice Sidi Bage as the new Emir of Lafia is the best thing that has happened to the EMIRATE and the people of Lafia after the very impactful reign of the highly respected DR Isa Mustapha Agwai.
I have no doubt in my mind that Justice Sidi Bage will build on the enviable legacies of his predecessor and with his impeccable credentials, exposure and pedigree, move the EMIRATE and the people to the next level of peace, unity and progress
As Muslims, we believe that all power and authority belongs to Allah. He gives it to whomsoever He likes and takes it away from whomsoever He likes and in the disposition of His affairs, Allah does not consult with any body.
I therefore counsel all including those who contested the stool with Justice Bage to have faith in the decision of Allah to make Justice Sidi Bage the Emir ahead of them
We should all close ranks and give our unalloyed loyalty, support and cooperation to our new Emir.
May Allah grant him the good health, wisdom and patience required to discharge the onerous responsibilities imposed on him as the father of all
Justice Bage is a close friend since childhood. Our respective parents were close friends and political colleagues
We Grew up to see our parents as friends, colleagues and brothers.
In the tradition of our parents, Allah has cascaded the family ties down to us and by that Providence, Justice Bage and I, just like our late parents have grown up as friends, professional colleagues and brothers
I celebrate a great man today as Allah has elevated him to a higher level and status amongst men
May his reign usher in Peace, unity and development in our land. I am proud and I stand tall today with Justice Sidi Bage as my Emir

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