Buharism, The North And Internal Enemies

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi. The title of this article “Buharism, the North and internal enemies” was apt, from all intents and purposes. Again whether we accept it or not, our collective journey to the Next Level as Northerns is doomed unless we fish- out those faceless political merchants and opportunists behind our chronic poverty , underdevelopment and violent crises! .

The North,or to be more historically precise and politically accurate, “Northern Nigeria” of Ahmadu Bello,Sardauna of Sokoto’s fame and glory, has now become a moral embarrassment to its founding fathers,nay. thanks to former President Obasanjo’s doctrine of indoctrination and induced corruption,which has become a new fertile religious order( in the once integrity and spiritually referral center of moral excellence,) now arbitrarily distorted by favoured by its favour seeking political elites,who grovel at it , like hordes of desperately predatory scavenging vultures!

In deed, “there is nothing more sinister and spiritually disgraceful and embarrassing, than the diabolical insensibility of the Northern Political elites towards this region, which lifted virtually everyone who was at the lowest level of poverty, , now lay claims to the peak of political power and influence in the country , from the pits of poverty and economic doom , “like those our perpetual moral masquerades , especially those political merchants from the far North”,who are erroneously making frantic and dubious efforts, as usual , to blackmail and frame others,as the responsible agents of our chronic misfortunes in the Region,despite the obvious facts about both their irrational, self- centred ,selfish and exclusively irresponsible conduct,since Independence,which indifferent impacts have made Nigeria,and particularly Northern Nigeria, the most poverty enveloped belt and geographically organic and officially labelled Sokoto Caliphate , which has become a global mascot and the undisputable laughing stock and reference point for chronic poverty and under development in Nigeria.

In most societies across the world , when such benign and uncertain ugly manifestations become such an incurably prolonged curse in the society, the most pragmatic approach is to diagnose the immediate and remote cause,or causes of the disease, using some scientific scales, to unravel the mysterious symptoms,as well as prescribe and forecast the pragmatic approach to cure the pestilence!

It is an irony of both faith and fate. that, Northern Nigeria, which had some of the best leaders,both Muslims and Christians as its birth attendance at birth , before and after Indepence,has now become the current laughing stock of it’s previously less endowed rivals!

Now, the question bugging the minds of people across the world is ” why has the spiritual legacy of Northern Nigeria collapsed, to the current level of its global notoriety, to this extent of its serving as a demonic mascot for post colonial curse in Africa?

Is the North a victim of the colonial split personality syndrome,or an organic symbol of a post colonially conservative complex of induced primordial tendencies?

This to me,is one of the most rational and realistic agenda for necessary solution and getting to the root causes for a lasting solution , on this self- imposed crisis!

For a start, let me reteirate here,that, President Buhari is a product of a Pan Nigerian and broad based political movement, with a mission to take Nigeria to the Next Level of economic, social ,as well a national consciousness.

If there is something PMB needs most on this Next Voyage of Discovery, is the company of community of friends across the usual North South , or ethnic divides, as currently being orchestrated my the usual mischief makers and political opportunists, who for ages, used the North as their political dummy, for their diabolical trade by barter businesses ,instead of making positive moves, to checkmate
the chronic rot and selfishly inspired underdevelopment the have imposed, to wreck and destroy the North !

Further,let’s learn to call a spade, a spade and for the avoidance of the doubt,let it be understood here. by all and sundry , that. the real enemies of the North are within the ranks and file of its inordinately ambitious but fatalistically indifferent and politically money dependent ruling cabals and opportunistically minded venture capitalist politicians,not any other imaginary enemy(or enemies) from other Geopolitical Zone, or zones in the country!

Finally and all said and done, there is something from the famous Enliglish Playwrigh, Wiliams Shakespeare, which should serve to remind all of us in the North, as food for thought, to regurgitate and reflect, thus;
” The faults are not in our stars but in ourselves that are underlings “!
A ward is enough for the wise, and we should by now have known our real enemies and stop imaginary enemies from distant neighbourhood

For me, I rest my case and leave everyone to probe their conscience and stop blaming President Buhari and his bosom friends like Jagaban Ahmed Bola Tinubu,as your perpetual enemies and Fall Guys!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi, abdulkarimullahadoka@gmail.com

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