Nigeria Needs Credible Game Changers, Not Hypocrites Nor Ethno-Religious Bigots.

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

The political journey to the Next Level , now ,more than at any other vulnerable period in Nigerian political history, requires services of Nigerians with patriotic passion,who are capable and have established records of passionate affinity to promote and strengthen our fragile corporate partnerships ,through integrity based driven fairness and equity!

From all intent and objective purposes, the Nigerian political elites are some of the most opportunistic bigots and lecherous parasites you can ever find, anywhere in the world!

However, their bloody political hypocrisies could be linked to their customised habitual bigotry,which has assumed the status of an inherited Michievilean culture.

I am compelled to caution against the irredentist and parochially instigated intrigues,which,people like. professor Bolaji Akinyemi and his co- travellers in secret war against the Muslims North,are now desperately trying to whip up emotional sentiment, so as to impose their diabolical agenda,to distort and misdirect the evolving dynamics of the 2023 Presidential discourse,with a blighted and subjective agenda.

For the avoidance of doubt, there are many people in the so called North,who are not politically naive and who,in all sense of spiritual values, do appreciate and oblige positive gestures.

There is no way,that, anybody with some good moral judgements, as well as spiritual appreciation can deny,or ignore the past roles and untiring efforts, of Jagaban Ahmed Bola Tinibu,to promote government of national city,for a very long time in Nigeria,

Which dates back to the glorious days of the late General Shehu Musa Yar’adua,when he distinguished himself as an exemplary Nigerian political icon and a man of integrity, who operates above board.

This is an accolade which can not be prescribed as an available attributes from the likes of Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, Olu Falae, or even the greatest ingrate,former President OBJ and other cast of evil poltergeists, who conceal their rabid religious irredentism,even as they beguilingly pretend otherwise.

They come round with disguised pledges of veiled mischiefs, dancing, in the Court of the evil genius “, as the Foreign Affairs Minister, of the most fiendish political conspiracy that subversively scuttled MKO Abiola’s Presidential Mandate,which stronghold ,was still secured and sustained by the same poor masses,alias Talakawas , in the North, who operate a sophisticatedly sagacious political doctrine, based on spiritual values of moral integrity,driven by humanitarian collectivity, sans discriminatory chauvinism. as has been the vindictively lecherous standard trademark policy you promote, as your popular brand.!

Let me reiterate here,that, the monumental impact of Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s legacy is beyond any prodigal disclaimers rueful insinuations and adventurously ambitious diatribes.

In any case , “those intellectual parasites and rouble rousers ,who relied on hackneyed ethno religious antics and invest on divisive politics to cause disunity and make.Nigeria ungovernable ,while advertising themselves as marketable products for superficial appointments, will be disappointed in 2023,because, the Talakawa’s in the North,know,that ,a friend in need, is a friend indeed?

The APC Big League advocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships, are dedicated Supporters of Ahmed Bola Tinubu, who are convinced,that , in 2023,our corporate existence,as a united country called Nigeria belongs to a foremost nationalist and master builder of goodwill and ,who had for years, remained loyal as an astute pillar of support, like an unbendable giant iroko tree, in the jungle, threatened by satanic storms,which still maintains its gravitational force to shield other vulnerable plants from harm’s ways, like
the Rock of Gibraltar!

Jagaban Ahmed Bola Tinubu has sacrificed his ambition for the sake of the unity of Nigeria.

Available records have shown that, since General Murtala Muhammad’s time, to General Shehu Musa Yar’adua, to General Muhammadu Buhari,President Umaru Musa Yar’adua. to Nuhu Ribadu,and even Vice.President Atikulooted ‘s desperate adventures are inclusive of Jagaban Borgu’s magnanimity,

For better or worse,Ahmed Bola Tinubu, had remained loyal to the cause of a united Nigerian political family .

My established records of Nigerian political scene have shown that the Miatti Allah reactionary,who spoke against Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s 20203 presidential aspiration did it out of mischief, because, I have Fulani witnesses to confirm that, this man’s angry.outburst was motivated by a hidden agenda, because ,the truth is that, this opportunist was a notoriously addicted Dollar Grabbing Supporter of Goodluck Jonathan, when I mobilised the Fulani groups in Nasarawa State to join us in Congress for Progressives Change, the political platform used by PMB ,during his Presidential quest in 2011.

I recall vividly,that this character was in the PDP and had even a Senior police Officer, with an official vehicle always attached to him. I am also aware of the facts,that, this man is a mercenary, who is a PDP local supporter,whose diabolically conceived tendencies can be likened to OBJ’s Atikulooted Vice President, who are
serving as perpetual political spoilers,genetically
referred to, as “spoils

I imagine this opportunist ,who was visibly showcased ,romancing more than 5 times on television with former President Goodluck Jonathan,at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, pledging his organization’s total support and whose factional members, our records have shown ,chose Jonathan’s Greek Gift Dollar,over and above PMB’s,on whose case, the Jothan Avengers have made the Fulani groups as the cause of theircustomised propaganda against PMB.

What an ironic political twist?

However,sooner or later,we will eventually use our video stock footage and clips, to expose these political mercenaries,who are usually sponsored to instigate avoidable crises!

For the avoidance of doubt, let us take a glance, through a quick flashback of an authentic situational analyses of our Nigerian political history: we will all discover,that, the North,in reality, never had any obvious political conflicts with the Yorubas,as has been dangerously orchestrated and diabolically branded,which ,possibly,came as a reactionary aftermath of the political meltdown between the NCNC factional gladiators, and as has become the usual scenario in Nigeria, whenever the country catches cold, the North,or more pointedly, ” the Muslim North” has to be, not only the political bogeyman, but equally, the victimized poltergeist and fall guy ,to bear the brunts of the volcanic rage.
A careful review of Nigerian political history will seem to establish a visisibly parochial pattern of double standard policy of internally generated and plotted political intrigues,hatched within the towering tunnels of incubated
bowels of human ambition in the South,which oozing floodgates of treachery is customized and cleverly dressed and decorated, to be won, as a crown, by the spiritually innocent but subdued Northerner!

Now, looking at the insidious drumbeats for the 20203 political intrigues, from Professor Bolaji Adeyemi’s treatise,which has already set the tone for the forthcoming political anarchism in Nigeria, let me respond ,by telling him and other cryptic persuaders of disunity, like him, that,the North,will not succumb to the totem drums of ethno religious promptings for clashes, to honour our clever but wicked enemies, who who are looking for and opportunity to export and market their expired international relevance, which monopolistic values’s potency are triggered by crises!

When all is said and done,the entire North is now wiser and will not succumb to the satanic invitation from Professor Bolaji Akinyemi and company, whose inclinations are in tandem with the OBJ- Goodluck Jonathan Avengers’s evil plots, to use El Rufa’is political quest,to instigate a furiously unnecessary and acrimoniously avoidable national tension, because, it is in their character to keep Nigeria in a perpetual state of crisis.
In conclusion and if I may ask, who were the vocal opponents against MKO’s mandate and who are the same forces against Jagaban Ahmed Bola Tinubu!
Please ,search your conscience, because, as our current political dynamic reveals, the north is standing with JAGABAN Borgu,as PMB’S Man Friday, regardless of the social media sponsored propaganda by aggrieved political renegades!
In any case , an African adage has predicted that, 9days may belong to the thief,or thieves, but eventually, there is that ultimate day of reckoning which belongs to the owners! the title of this piece is an important philosophical message to all the elites in Nigeria, whether Hausa, Yoroba IBO and whatever their fanciful religious classifications ,that, the Nigerian masses are tired and have now collectively decided to unmask the demonic masquerades, who use the Talakawas as their perpetual cannon folders for their fetish democratic rituals. Their game of deaths are up . Enough is enough !

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi, APC BIG LEAGUE Advocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowship,

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