Editorial: As Al-makura -Led Administration Comes To An End

Penultimate week, the outgoing Governor of Nasarawa state Umaru Tanko Al-Makura announced to his stunning audience at the council chamber during an Expanded Executive Council Meeting that it was a valedictory one and at the end of the meeting he bade all his aides goodbye with exception of commissioners, a few Senior Special Assistants and Principal aides whom he directed to stay put until May 28.
As it is known, May 29 is the terminal date for his administration and as the saying goes everything that has a beginning must have an end. Thus as we in Nasarawa Eye kept emphasizing that the second term and final term of Governor Al-Makura would be an eventful one, whether positive or negative, depending on the side from which one decides to view it.
In one of our editorials published shortly after the governor swore in nine new Commissioners into the State Executive Council on Monday, February 28, 2017, we stated that appointment of the new commissioners by Governor Al-Makura was significant as it came at a right time, considering the phase at which we were in our democratic journey in the state.
The year 2019, the terminal year of Al-Makura’s second term, we pointed out at that time, was just about two years away. The new commissioners were sworn in at a very critical stage of his administration, thus their performance was certainly going to be a yardstick to measure the success or otherwise of the Al-Makura-led administration in Nasarawa state.
The coming of new commissioners we further observed in the said editorial was going to be seen by many as a watershed in the life of Al-Makura administration as all eyes would be focused on the administration because people would be eager to see how they would perform. We also observed that in the next two years, attention would be shifted to partisan politicking as the electoral umpire would blow the whistle to usher in party campaigns. Nasarawa Eye also noted that, the people of Nasarawa state would expect much. The campaigns and the elections have come and gone. Sadly however, the expectations of the people from the Al-Makura-led administration especially in terms of addressing human capital deficits were not met by the government. We all along hoped that Al-Makura’s government especially in the last two years of its tenure would focus its attention on investing in humans particularly as things were/are increasingly becoming difficult for an average person in the state. This expectation has not been met.
True, Al-Makura’s administration made some appreciable impact in terms of addressing infrastructural deficits in the state but even at that, the way and manner his government tackled these left much to be desired.
Depending on how one views it, the Al-Makura led administration has both the good and the bad side. The good side is the attempt he made in addressing some critical but teething problems associated with our infrastructural development and the bad side is the way he abandoned human capital development to the detriment of the well-being of the people of the state.
On the whole we in Nasarawa Eye believe that no one is perfect; thus our hope and prayer is for the incoming administration of Engr. Abdullahi Alhaji Sule to strike a balance between human and infrastructural developments as both are crucial and central to the development and progress of the state.

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