I’ll Uphold Principles Of Good Governance- Engr Sule

By Our Reporter. . The Executive Governor of Nasarawa state, Engr Abdullahi Alhaji Sule has vowed to uphold the principles of good governance as cardinal objectives of his administration. Engr Sule who spoke at his Inauguration held at Lafia square , noted that the essence of democratic Governments to all democratically elected leader is to uphold it’s principles, saying that it is
through the process of governance that State
resources, both human and material, are
harnessed and driven to actualize the policies
and programmes of Government and
the aspirations of citizenry. He further revealed that his administration will establish systems,
processes and institutions that will enhance
transparency, probity and accountability in the
management of State resources in line with
international best practices. He stressed that establishing transparency and accountability are necessary to
give potential investors, both local and
foreign, confidence to bring their capital and invest in the state. On relationship between the arms of government, Engr Sule said “Our Administration will respect the doctrine of
separation of powers between the three Arms of
Government, namely: the Executive, Legislature
and Judiciary. We will ensure synergy and
harmony in our working relations and operations.
We will welcome good ideas, innovation and
creativity into governance intended to make life
more comfortable and happier for our people”
He noted that the respect which he will accord the other two arms underscores his basic philosophy and
guiding principle of leadership.
Engr Sule who also unveiled his 14 points agenda for the state in the first 100 days which he said includes among other things, setting up of State economic management and investment advisory council, review and reform of civil service structure, review the payment of pension and gratuity also maintained that these high impact projects set to be achieved within 100 days were designed as interim before medium and long term arrangements take effects. Engr Sule then re- echoes his call on all those who contested with him
at both the primary and general elections to join
hands with him in our collective resolve and
journey towards a greater Nasarawa State. “We must appreciate and accept the fact that the
State belongs to all of us, and so we are
individually and collectively obliged to nurture it” he added.

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