Northern Nigeria: Godfatherism, Corruption And Quest For Good Governance

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

When I take a critical look at today’s Northern Nigeria, I feel sad. Indeed , I feel extremely very sad,especially, for the future of our children.

I had never imagined,in my wildest dreams and conventional imagination, or at worst, serial nightmares, that, I was going to be alive,as a witness to a horrendous moral carnage like we have been witnessing in Nigeria, since the arrival of the greatest political strategist of global dimensions,

With the most monopolistic savvy and voluptuous influence on corrupt practices in Nigeria,
such as the type of toxic brand being popularized as a form of religious order,

By former President Obasanjo and his Vice of Atikulooted Vices, who have systematically converted Nigerians,especially Northern Elites, to worship a new religious order called PDP,
Which Ordinance Practices and Creed are defined by Corruption and Corrupt practices,
at the highest levels of leadership and governance!

My heart bleeds,with rueful anguish,
and sorrowful agony, because,I can vividly recall from history, the remarkable and positive legacies of unblemished integrity bequeathed to us by our forefathers!

First and foremost,
they trained us, by giving us an irrevocable sense of spiritual purpose,global world views with charitable humanitarian passions ,
for unity in diversity ,
and a deep spiritual sense ,certified by fortified commitments and obligations to serve only ONE,INDIVISIBLE GOD,without a partner,

Reinforced by a robust moral encrypted sensibilities , to worship Him alone and NEVER TO FALTER,or FEAR ANY MORTAL,

Regardless of his, her, or their , power,affluence or influence!

By always assuring the remarkable presence and dynamic relevance of an Omnipotent but unseen Divine Power and Authority,

Whom all are answerable to,
which was a universal charter, consciously and conspicuously upheld by all and sundry ,
in the society,as well as the endlessly roofless and magnificent Universe,

This is the greatest creed bestowed to us,whatever be the identity ,or status of your mode of worship,which was consecrated called , “the fear of God”!

That became ingrained, as an embodiment and first article of faith,which defines the roadmap for collective interpretation, fellowships and worships,
That obliged equality of rights,based obsoletely, on the cardinal principles of justice,fairness and sanctity of equity based values.

Teleguided by standard codes of ethics ,mutual respects and reciprocal
not dubious , nor decrptive motives,
like its been the case nowadays!.

This is how our forefathers operated without mutual suspicions, recriminations and hateful vendetta, or greedy selfishness for over possessively indulgent material acquisitions!

Nor self centeredness, which has become the new moral order, as against the frameworks and standard codes of practices , enshrined by God,

In all His Divine Books of Revelations , bequeathed to all mankind ,
as reference sources for Guidance!

This,to a large and great extent, was how we shared the values we inherited from both God and our forefathers, “which acts of the Apostles, seemed to have become subjectively rewritten,
by our new gods, called godfathers in Nigeria,

The newly minted dollar gods , who have distorted everything and desecrated all established laws and traditional mores.

Who, if I may ask,
in the whole of this old and ancient country called Nigeria,
was not aware, or not familiar about the conservative Northern Nigeria,
and its pristine addition compliance standards,
and unchangeable charity, in absolute deference to purity,

would ever imagine, that, such brazen and bizarre lootings and thievery of public funds of such blasphemous magnitude would be publicly advertised, confessed and acknowledged,.
with such shameless flamboyance ,panache, subversive flair and unremorseful pageantry?

Like displayed and provocatively made as a billboard poster show gallery ,
by the” OBJ- pardoned , and Atikoolootedly canonised prodigy corruption,

Babtised at the Gumi Kukahed Orthodox Shrine of spiritual forgiveness and Corrupt Adorations” !

Yes,this is the curse that has become the new moral chart of our new generation, endorsed by many satanic adherents in the North,whichsoever actions and activities contradict our past religious inheritances!

It is an established fact, that, neither Islam,nor Christianity endorse stealing in any form or guise!

We are also aware,that, in all the Divine Books of Spiritual Revelations:..
from the Torah of Moses,As; the Gospel- aka , the Bible of Hazrat, Isah Bn Maryam,As;
and the Qur’an of Prophet Muhammad Bn Abdullahi, SAW, there is no verse, nor chapter in any of the Holy Books that either prescribed, or authorised stealing,nor acknowledged public theft!

Besides, no one except God, has the privilege and enviable power and capacity for divine forgiveness , except, in the case of offence committed against an individual, in which case the individual so offended, not God,effectualises the forgiveness mandate rites ,to the offender!

In this regard,many Nigerians are anxiously asking to know,from which Books of the Eucharist did ” Saint OBJ of Otta Corrupt Centre , derived his powers, guidelines and Eucharist to pronounce a clean bill of moral health, to the FBI awaiting-arrest American fugitive?

Thus, I wish to use this medium to put OBJ on notice,for trial,by our panel of spiritual experts ,from our BIG LEAGUE integrity Judicial platform,.based on the following charges:

1: That you, having served as the President of the Federal.Republic of Nigeria for two terms of four years,plus extra unspecified no of years,serving as the defector Leader, behind the scene, during Yar’Adua Good luck Jonathan’s clueless administration and having publicly adjudged and declared your Atikulooted partner and acknowledged his identity as a bad product, whom you exposed and accussed of unprecedented and unprintable allegations of spiritual, as well as moral perfidy, later, knowingly decided to pardon,discharged and acquitted him of all the allegations based on your personal inclinations, not as a result of any established national interest, which powers you lack the authority to so pronounce,since Nigeria is a Sovereign nation, with its legitimate Executive ,Legislative, as well as Judicial platforms, to determine whatsoever they institutionally and constitutionally find appropriate, or suitable.
In view of the the level of global shame and disgrace you have systematically subjected many innocent Nigerians to,by which many countries and their citizens fancy Nigeria and its citizens as the greatest jokers, who ably qualified to be so described as scarstically affirmed and pajerotively scandalized by Mr. Donald Trump,the American Cowboy President who stigmatized Nigeria, globally, as a shithole country, while his erstwhile British Prime Minister colleague criminalised our country, as “fantastically corrupt”, all on account of you,and your scandalous Vice of Vices records of infamy.
In the light of the aforementioned, and predicted on all concurrent misconduct, you are hereby ,given 4weeks notice to respond to our charges of fraudulent conspiracies, to conspire and connive with your Atikulooluted Vice of Vices,plus other countless unnamed associates,to cause Nigerians moral demise and economic pillage and show why we cannot take you to the appropriate Agency of the United Nations, for sanctioning, having been formally served,through this medium.

In conclusion, we are calling on all Nigerians to support our advocacy for the reinforcement of ethical standard, by joining us in our demands for integrity solutions, as well as public inquiry, into the undemocratic processes and Corrupt practices that were used in the Ward Congress and rigging that took place,to illegally produce the unelected candidates into Keffi East,Kokona East,in the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, as well as the Akwanga North Senatorial primaries,which is still pending for judgement, at the court.

Finally, I want the APC National Headquarters to investigate the involvement of the Nasarawa State Accountant General ,one Mr. Smart,in the massive electoral frauds during the APC Ward Congress and party nomination, which my people in Kokona Ward and elsewhere in the Local Government were discovered to have been disenfranchised, to make the culprit to be admonish, after confessions,and public apologies to the affected victims,please..

Finally, let me reiterate here,that, as one of the greatest advocates of the Buharian positive change,which core value is predicted on integrity, we cannot allow the labor of our heroes last,to be in vain,by allowing our party, to suffer the evil
manifestations of electoral illegalities and godfatherism to destroy the efforts and sacrifices of the President and the Nigeria masses,to be in vain.
In fact, I intend to write on the challenges we encountered in Nasarawa State during the CPC Years, to be titled, “The trial of Conscience; How CPC was almost destroyed by Favour Seekers and Gossip Mongers, who more less, acted more like heartless Predators on the rampage,from PDP Jungle of political impurities

We will.have testimonies from credible eyewitnesses, Like Danmalikin Keffi, Nasiru Zahradeen, et all, how I made commanding contributions to adapt Buhari’s CPC,,against the other underground party,called …….,which Solomon Ewuga’s secret army of mercenary mobsters had already mobilized, to take over , during their already map out, tactical manoeuvres, until the D- Day,when God made my CPC choice a permanent legacy, that became PMB’s Flagship, in 2015!

Mallam Abdullahi is of APC BIG LEAGUE, Buhari Integrity Groups Advocates and Nationwide Fellowships.


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