When Shall We Confront Corruption Head-on?

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

I want to echo my desperate concerns, as well as unreserved resentments. against,what can best be described and qualified as, “Nigerians’ subversive ambivalence and indifferent attitudes” towards President Muhammadu Buhari’s Anti corruption War,

Which majority of Nigerians seem to be , not only its visible but active partners , whose perversive roles in romanticizing the crime , is an undeniable indication, that.

Most Nigerians are only interested in paying only lip service against this rapidly increasing chronic crime in the country!

Take for instance, the confessional statement by a serving Commissioner, then, from Keffi , in Nasaraea State, before their recent mandatory pre – elections legal requirements,

Who publicly announced his intention to contest for the Keffi East legislative seat at the State Assembly , before thousands of rented party Members and Thugs,

At the venue(Keffi Youth Center)that he has earmarked nothing less than N2billion ,to contest a sitting Member’s slot, called by his nickname, “Ali Scatter”,who has been adjudged ,a household name and one of the most popular candidates to have won the hearts and minds of his constituency, in Keffi ,in recent times,
with so many legacies of undeniable achievements in the provision of social amenities to the community, way back,even before he ventured into politics!

However,this Past Commissioner had the audacity to ,not only challenge him,but was forced as a winner by Executive
Rigging illegality,, during the controversial APC Primaries, which tragic narratives require a special supplementary publication of its own.

The critical issues,which President Muhammadu Buhari deserve to know, note and ask all the Godfathers in APC are:

Whose interests are the members and party leaders required to promote,to advance the course of integrity and fight Corruption?

Why should party apparatchiks be seen to be undermining the most popular anti corruption war, by corruptly aligning with corrupt elements, as against the most sincere groups?

How can the Executive Riggers, defend the boisterous notoriety of their boastful candidates, who publicly try to showoff to the world,that the war against Corruption is,only against Political Orphans ?

How can we claim ,we are for integrity and fighting Corruption when in truth, our actions openly undermines and violently violates President Buhari’s Anti Corruption Agenda?

How can anybody claim to be fighting Corruption, when it is an open secret,that, in Keffi East, one of the candidates was allegedly forced to withdraw, with a pledge for financial compensation and political appointment as a SA to the Governor ,which implantations were a vivid confirmation of the level of the undeniable contradictions and sabotagious inclinations against President Muhammadu Buhari’s doctrine of positive change?

The truth is,that, Corruption is real ,as a carry over legacy from the entrenched PDP favoured graduate Ghost Workers who control and manipulate the evil trends and tendencies in APC,as hangover inheritance, which must be purged,otherwise, “where has an Ordinary Commissioner ,even of Works” earned the money, to contest in such a corruptly flamboyant electioneering process, unaided, to emerge a winner, against a popular candidate loved by his constituency?

No,fellow Nigerians, the cover up is not yet over,until all the lids are open up from the Pandora’s box of treacherous gimmicks, against change, nay,against PMB by the APC stakeholders, who also happen to be PMB’s favoured Gatekeepers!

Need I conclude without warning, that, it is not yet morning on creation day ?

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi, abdulkarimullahadoka@ gmail.com: Founder and National Patron,BIG LEAGUE,alias, Buhari Integrity Group Advocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships

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