Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari


Mr. President, Sir .
Kindly find my testimony below,as my contributions to your determined efforts and personal sacrifices, to take Nigeria and Nigerians to the Next and Best Levels.

Sir, first and foremost let me state that this RUGA palaver is a politically dramatised and sponsored stalemate, by OBJ and Atiku,to sabotage PMB’s 2023 Southwest Presidential Agenda.

Many Nigerians are already fully conscious, as well as acutely convinced and aware, that, all the noisemaking and dramatised acts of violent pronouncements, verbal omissions and commissions,

as well as the dangerous stand off rifts between the Southeast Governors and the Federal Government, against the proposed RUGA alternative ranching project option,is a needless smokes screen, beyond any iota of doubt.

It is as needless an altercation as the futility of its nuisance value, which does not deserve all the current pomp and vicious media raves reviews, pageant propaganda and orchestrated campaigns of calumny and hoopla, it has unnecessarily generated,within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Indeed,as a result of the acrimonious objections to the Southeast Governors’ sentimental rejection to the proposed project, I would have advised the Federal Government to review the entire program by relocating the RUGA Project outside the entire Southeastern States,where the proposed project has become so politically and religiously mystified, to such high point of ethno religiously motivated backlash of emotional mischief,. due to the politically ominous but sponsored violence by IPOB, which members have never hidden their admiration, nor sympathy sympathy for PDP and itú

As things stand and if I was contacted to offer my candid opinion on the proposed RUGA alternative ranching option in the area, I will not hesitate to discontinue the program,given the well publicized violent threats they have been misled and brainwashed against it.

I shall not hesitate to recommend them, southeast, as an avoidable and no go area,because of the politically sponsored stalemate by the
Obasanjo-Atiku Groups,

to sabotage President Buhari’s 2023 Southwest Presidential Agenda ?

Many Nigerians are quite familiar and fully accustomed to all the dramatised gimmicks,and masquerading acts of commission and omissions,

in the standoff between the South East Governors and the Federal Government on the proposed RUGA project ,which is beyond any iota of doubts,a grand design and a needless altercation,that does not deserve all the current waves of negative propaganda and orchestrated campaigns of calumny,which they have dressed in beguiling razzmatazz of sleazy propaganda ,to showcase their total and unanimous opposition against the RUGA project,

in the predominantly Ibo speaking Southeastern Geopolitical zone ,as well as some parts of the Southwest,
which,as can be seen and attested to, is a deliberate set up ,ostensibly sponsored by the PDP mafia looters,to undermine PMB’s succession plan,to the next level.

As a caveat, to conspicuously frustrate President Buhari’s commitment to facilitate the emergence and Presidential aspirations of Jagaban Ahmed Bola Tinubu,in 2023.

Already, many observers and political analysts, who are familiar with Nigeria’s cloak and dagger political intrigues, have started making comparative insinuations to OBJ’s past and cryptic legacies,

involving his satanic role in the devilish conspiracy and eventual annulment of the late MKO.Abiola’s Presidential ambition,which victory was fraudulently subjected to the same type of OBJ classic Barrack Boys’ cultured gangsterism,

How else does one explain the rationale and special circumstances that eluded our past memory ,to ignore OBJ’S and his former Vice President’s supportive acquiescence of the troublesome trojan horse called Biafra Project, which dubious implementation at this perilous time of Nigeria’s reactionary campaigns of columny,occasioned by drumbeats of anarchism and war,especially, in the South Eastern Nigerian Geopolitical zone, by the pro Biafran revivalist ideologues , for whom the agitation has become like a permanent alcoholic brew ,or tribal force majored?

In the same vein, I also believe ,that,with so much vocal dissent and belligerent disaffection against the programme, many people,including my humble self, had earnestly thought ,and frankly believe too, up to now, that, the President does not require any soothsayer to alert him about the dangerous implications and reactionary intrigues, that gave rise to the stormy fury and rage against the project ,which was secretly but conveniently designed by bribed APC moles and diehard “Atikulooters” at the Central Bank and the Chief Audu Ogbeh Pro PDP Agricultural Ministry ,
whose staff have for years, been milking the system,as the major secret beavers and camouflaged beneficiaries and insatiable profiteers of the conduits called Nigerian Agricultural destination,

which progressive corrupt programming excesses, is only,as rapidly dwarfed and diminished,as the increasing level of its scandalous scams an inordinate corrupt practices and volumetric index of its annual budgetary allocations.

Mr, President, Sir!t
It hurts me to expose the established level of monumental sabotage against your Agricultural policies, which you convincingly designed and designated to benefit the peasant farming communities and help in uplifting their level of prosperity.

Unfortunately,Mr. President, your financial inducement and agric mechanization policy through affordable and cheap loans and accessible tractor hiring tractorization schemes and easy to access tractor hiring services have been sabotaged and hijacked by officialdom, through syndicated corruption and selfishly anointed chronic consultants.

Mr. President, I am excited to reveal to you, that, the Daily Trust team is currently investigating the stupendous corrupt practices involved in the racketeering scams in the Anchor Borrowers Scheme,which was erroneously meant to be the shortest route to achieve quick returns for the rural farmers investments, which has now become a liability to the the rural farmers, who are being short changed .

And as the Chief complainant of the ripoff deals and malpractices by official and their off the counter middlemen and shoddy deals agents, in the so-called fertilizer distribution and Rural Tractorization Subsidized and affordable Services Rates Charges, I would not,despite my painful and heart shuttering discovery, prematurely unveil the most likely sad but obvious outcomes of (their),Daily Trust’s professional findings, which they are currently in the field,

trying to assemble from the affected victims, mostly rural farmers in the whole of Nasarawa State,my catchment area, who were beguilingly tricked and subjected to all forms of gross and seductive vagaries of rights and privileges abuses, by the elites,

whom you have delegated to officially discharge their duties honorably and diligently, in conformity with the dictates and policy frameworks, of the charter of credibility, integrity and blueprint you have enacted for positive orientation and voyage to the Next Level.

I rest my case,hoping that,the Daily Trust investigations will expose the Pandora’s boxes of monumental sabotage and corrupt practices that have colonised our Agricultural policies by allowing and affording you to see why Nigerians were unable to have a glimpse of their wonder bank held cassava bread,wheat production and even the N100 Billion Naira Disbursed Prototype RUGA alternative ranching project fund, allegedly said to have been squandered,through a former Benue State Governor,

whom I had personally wrote more than 5 online articles, accusing him of being the original Architect, Mastermind and Arrowhead of the Jonathan’s “compulsory reelection bid and sponsored relocation and forceful eviction orders against
Fulani herders from the Rivers Benue and Niger Banks,
And Valleys”,
which political undertones precipitated the orchestrated and politically sponsored violence in Benue, Nasarawa, Kogi ,Taraba, as well as elsewhere, nationwide, which culminated in the tragic conflicts that has become political curse bedevilling our country, ever since it was erroneously masterminded by former Benue State Governor , Gabriel Suswam,help former Goodluck Jonathan rigged himself back to power,if his multimillion Naira(or was it Disbursed in Dollar) contract to rid the Fulani population from Nigeria, through massive evictions and demobilization and population displacement.

It is such a pity that despite Governor Suswam’s alleged role in this politically instigated criminal and murderous pogrom, he has not been charged to defend his culpability, or otherwise.

Or to even be interrogated to refund the money he was corruptedly funded by Jonathan, including the alleged Billions said to have paid through him,for the controversial RUGA Model projects, by former President Goodluck Jonathan, the untouchable Nigeria Corruption Czar.

In conclusion, l am hopeful,that,that,the Daily Trust findings will go along way,in helping to motivate you,to convincingly redesign and evolve a fruitfully rural masses agricultural value chain schemes, that will be totally unchained from the gridlocks of greed and corrupt apron strings of both the official masquarades at CBN as well as those at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development?

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,Founder and National Patron, Pan Nigerian BIG LEAGUE ADVOCATES,alias Buhari Integrity Group Advocates and Grassroots Fellowships,

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