NIPSS New Management And The Nation Challenges

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

The National Institute For Policy and Strategic Studies Kuru under the new leadership of prof Galadima is set to deliver on the journey “Towards a Better Society”
The new administration is coming at the dawn of a new era predicated on the heels of serious security situation and threats to our unity and cohesion from many and varied sources, especially in recent times.
The nations needs to evolve strategic policies to combat the evils of corruption, insecurity, farmers / herders conflict, kidnapping, armed banditry, political and religious intolerance pervading the nation and threatening the very basis of our existence as one and united nation despite our diversity
These are the challenges of the moment confronting Nigeria and Nigerians
The National Institute that I know and which I had the privilege of passing through as a participant in the 2013 Senior Executive Course, is well positioned to tackle these challenges through its robust intellectual resources and highly experienced and respected research fellows.
The National Institute under the leadership of the erudite Professor Habu Galadima should reposition itself and reorganise it’s study and programs towards deeply interrogating these challenges in all their ramifications and working towards recommending sustainable solutions to them
The Institute is noted for indepth research into important national issues, making viable recommendations and providing strategies for successful implementation of its research findings for the benefit of the nation’s policy framers.
The Institute has over the years made significant inputs into national policies in many if not all sectors of our national development
Under the new leadership of Prof Galadima, the National Institute for policy and strategic studies should be more proactive, more vibrant and more visible on the national policy platform
It is my expectation that the Institute will broaden it’s horizon by reaching out and collaborating with public policy and security apparatus at the national and international levels to further enrich the quality of research and delivery of its programs
The new administration at the Institute should take the bull by the horn and hit the ground running. The nation needs the NIPSS to lead in the search for solutions to our national problems especially in the areas of peace and sustainable economic and political development
Under prof Galadima, I expect the Institute to rejig it’s strategies and open a new vista by rethinking and restrategising on its core mandate.
It should not be afraid to rock the boat and usher in new ways of doing things.
The new leadership at the National Institute should brainstorm on its current programs and review the curricular to align with the needs of the moment. In particular, Galadima should not be afraid (and I know he is not) to introduce new changes in the curricular and structure of the Institute to make the programs more meaningful and adaptable to the needs of the nation
Prof Galadima has assumed the mantle of leadership at a critical time for both the Institute and the nation. He is coming in at a time when the nation is in dire need of policy initiatives that will address the multiferous and multi dimensional challenges militating our unity cohesion and survival as one country
The new leadership must therefore think out of the box, it must strive to prove its relevance and leadership role as the think tank of national policy.
I wish prof Galadima and his team success and performance beyond expectations
I must also advise the Federal government to give the Institute the logistic and financial support it requires to execute it’s mandate and continue to play it’s vital roles toward a better society for Nigeria

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