Justice Nasiru Ajanah: Tribute To An Extra-Ordinary Judge

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

There is no better use I can put my Facebook page to, today than to wish my brother, friend, classmate and professional colleague for 41 years, the Honourable, the Chief Judge of Kogi State, Justice Nasiru Ajanah, happy birthday day.
We have been together through the thick and thin and other things of life for decades, each trying to make an impact on the public service of our nation
We went to different secondary schools but we enrolled and passed out the same year. It is worthy of note and mention that Nasiru the son of a former patriotic federal public servant, attended the very prestigious Government College Keffi, one of best and among the most disciplined institutions of the time and of course, as expected, passed out with flying colours in 1973
As a matter of fact, I met Nasiru Ajanah for the first time in 1974 when we were both admitted to the School of Basic Studies of the foremost Ahmadu Bello university (ABU Zaria)
We became very close since then and after our SBS, we were both admitted to the Faculty of Law of the same institution.
We graduated with LL B (hons) degree in 1978 and proceeded to the Nigerian Law School Lagos for our professional training, at the end of which we were successfully called to the Bar in 1979 along with our other mates including the present Vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN among other notable Nigerians
Hon Justice Nasiru Ajanah and I started our professional careers in the public service our respective states as State Counsel in the Ministry of Justice
We both had a stint in the public service before we veered out to establish our individual private practice in our respective states
Justice Ajanah had a tidy, rosy and successful private practice before his elevation to the high Court Bench as a judge of the High Court of Kogi State
As a result of his hard work, dedication to duty and unquestionable integrity, Nasiru Ajanah rose steadily within the ranks, riding on the ladder of success and landed on the exalted position of the Honourable Chief Judge of the state, which by the special grace of Allah, he occupies today and Insha Allah, the Bench from which he will retire after a meritorious service to his state and nation
The Honourable Justice Ajanah is a devout Muslim who takes his religion very seriously without being a bigot or an extremist on matters of faith
On his relationship with his freinds, class mates and colleagues, he is simply as amazing as he is amiable.
He has the extra ordinary quality of loyalty to friendship.
He knows how to keep his friends constantly and regularly around him. He is patient, caring and generous with all, within the limits of his modest resources.
As a friend you will never seek his assistance but he will render it with a free and open mind
As a Judge and a lawyer, Justice Ajanah is quentessential, erudite, industrious, humane and just. He is one of those who have earned for themselves, a reputation for fairness, firmness and humility on and off the Bench
Justice Ajanah is blessed by Allah with a very disciplined and progressive family. He has brought up among his children a couple of lawyers and others in different professions.
It is pertinent for all to know that Justice Ajanah is a lover and great sports philanthropist who for many years, has been a sole sponsor of organised Basket ball competition for youth in Kogi State
I also know that we share support together for the Arsenal foot ball in the English Premier league. I remember last year when Arsenal was not performing very well in the league I expressed my intention to defect to another team but Nasiru kept urging me on to remain loyal to Arsenal.
What he doesn’t know and I am sure he will know from this post, is that I have since departed from the Emirates and I am now a proud resident of Camp nou
Finally and to put the icing on the cake, Nasiru Ajanah is the marriage guardian of my only daughter Rukaiya who is now blessed with two children
I don’t think that a friendship could get any closer than this
On behalf of all members of my family, I rejoice with my friend, brother and colleague Nasiru Ajanah on this very special occasion of his birthday
We pray Allah to grant him peace and tranquility in the remaining period he has to serve as the worthy head of the Kogi State Judiciary and may the bond of friendship wax even stronger Amin
By the way how old is Justice Ajanah today?
Without any doubt he is as old as his father would say he is!

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