Saudi/ Iran Conflict: A Turf For Proxy War By The US?

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

The Saudi Arabian government yesterday accused Iran for the attack on it’s refineries thus, raising the prospect for war in the Middle East
The US says it’s a declaration of war
If I read correctly between the lines, I think the US wants to use Saudi Arabia as a proxy to wedge it’s war against Iran and further deepen the crisis in the Middle East for it’s Economic and political interest and to consolidate it’s support for Israel and it’s Zionist policies.
From my observation, the United States has never been neutral in it’s policies and actions in the Middle East and that is why it will be difficult if not impossible to enthrone peace in the region.
In my view, with a million resolutions of the United Nations against Israeli occupation of Palestine and the disputed status of Jerusalem, nothing will change in the power play and deceptive diplomacy of the powerful nations in the Middle East and sadly and disappointedly, the United States of America is at the centre of all the crisis.
The state of Israel is defiant and aggressive because it has the United States behind it as an ally and a protector.
In this scenario, there is no end in sight for the crisis in the Middle East and so long as the Iran and the United States remain at dagger- drown, the Middle East will remain a theatre of war and the Palestinians will be deprived of peace and stability in a land that rightly belongs to them.
The United States and Saudi Arabia are United their enmity against Iran for political and religious reasons respectively and this complicates the pattern of relationships in the region
The Palestinians are Arabs whom the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are naturally bound to support and if need be, defend against oppression by Israel who are Zionist and anti Islam (Sunni or Shiite) but the United States is solidly in support and backing the cruel action and strategies of annihilation by the State of Israel against the Palestinians
The issue is further complicated by the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a stooge depending on the United States on many planks
Then there is Iran in between a common foe to both Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States.
If the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports Palestine, it will offend the United States because it is the strongest ally of the United States I the region
If Saudi Arabia takes up arms against Iran , it will please both the United States and Israel because the Saudis will be fighting their common enemy
In the whole mix, the Palestinians would always come out worst off as victims of the complex power play and because there is very little to be gained from Palestine by all the parties In the conflict, the Palestinians will remain at the mercy of the United States and Israel.
The Kingdom of Saudi in spite of it’s racial and religious affinity will the Palestinians can only pretend to give material support to the Palestinians but it fears losing or weakening it’s relationship with the United States
Will nobody fighting genuinely in support for the liberated of Palestine ( including the United Nations), the continued survival of Palestine in the Middle East is heavily dependant on the larger war between the major contenders
However, one thing is clear beyond doubt; and that is the fact that the United States will never forsake Israel and Iran will continue to fight the United States in the region for it’s Economic survival.
As for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it’s torn between it’s hatred for Iran and its dependence on the United States.
The middle East will continue to be the sore point of intrigues and conflagration and a recurring decimal In the quest for global peace
One final point to note, the United Nations is helpless because of the powers exerted on it by the domineering powers and influence of the United States on the international scene.

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