Re- Insights On Leadership, Followerships And Rewards For Loyalty In Nigerian Politics

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

Magnus Onyibe’s choice of President Muhammadu Buhari’s media inposed controversial Chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari, as a title for his article, to illustrate his Perspective on leaderships followerships , rewards and loyalty, is in line with my favorite and previous thematic advocacy and passionate commitments on buttressing my convictions,as well as innocent CPC nostalgic doctrine( or is it obsession?) to , propel and inevitably show case the psychological dimensions , beneficial imperatives and relevance, for objectifying the symbiotic fraternity in sustainable relationships, between leaders and followers,to be synergized by , an undeniably collaborative role of an effective rewards system mechanism,

as the ultimate boost and major chip, that serves as a unifying counselor that galvanises a deep-rooted alliance- cum- sustainable synergy, officially recognised all over the world, as loyalty or “inseparable partnerships in politics”.

It is against these obvious psychological imperatives and rational basis, that,one can appreciate Magnus Anyibe’s tactical diplomatic adaptation of Muhammadu Buhari’s, albeit, media prompted, controversial Chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari,as a role model,in his timely journalistic metaphor on the burden and benefits of political loyalty in Nigeria.

The timing of the article is apt, given the numerous media-prompted Innuendos and scurrilous allegations,(or, is it unverifiable litany of tell-tales allegations/ accusations) levelled against the much vilified Chief of staff, who has become , the innocent but unavoidably quintessential victim of insensitive blackmails,as a fall guy, of the Buharian political leadership!

As for the superimposed title of the article, one may courteously ask:”when has the Nigerian anti Buhari hostile press, anointed and crowned Mallam Abba Kyari ,” as Mr. Fix it” , as a successor to the late OBASANJO’s Man Friday,the late Tony Aneni,whose legacy of political actions and activities earned him the enigmatic sobriquet , as a title?

Well, may be,it is safer to prockaim,that ,as a result of the diabolical inpacts and inhuman manifestations imposed by the negative forces of entrenched corruption in Nigeria,since 1998, things are not the same again ,in Nigeria.

Understandably, the Nigerian Political environment has been traumatised and is fully degraded, having become sedated by multiple burdens, having been hijacked and desecrated by satanic miscreants,

which many patriotic citizens tend to overlook and casually take for granted, only look at the benefits, which are usually misconstrued and suspected, to be determined by ill- motivated coefficients of unearned relationships or untoward interests, linked to some pressure, arising from predetermined and clannish socio-parochial praxis.

However, all over the world, loyalty in politics is the fulcrum,as well as the building blocks that enhance positive bonds of affinities,

regardless of the outcome of all political tribulations, which Buhari loyalists like Mallam Mamman Daura, Mallam Adamu Adamu, Alhaji Ismaila Isa Funtua, Alhaji Malami- the present Minister of Justice and a host of other pro Buhari loyalists,such as Jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu ,who are currently subjected to the most unrelenting vagaries of sponsored propaganda plots,

by the notoriously invisible OBJ-Atikulooted media shenanigans, within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

The writer, possibly, to justify the above phenomenon as a unified global perfidy, made copious references,by using some American political prototypical scenarios,as a case study, to embellish the subjective hubris and misplaced arrogance that the established Looters have inposed, as their political weapon to instigate artificial crises and wilfully spearhead instability,like ATIKU and his mercenary hackers are doing against the Buhari government at the moment!

Nonetheless, my interest and commitment on this journistic contribution by the writer,is to buttress my belief on commensurate reward system, for loyalty at all levels,in tandem with what the Americans, Europeans, as well as what other countries in the advanced democracies do, to facilitate, conditiionise freedom of choice, by domesticating as well as entrenching democratic culture.

In this context, let me begin this article by, firstly , acknowledge my gratitude and indebtedness, to my NTA professional colleague, in the person of Alhaji Garba Mamu, who incidentally, was himself a very strong member of the pro Tonnie Iredia NTA loyalists, like me, who twitted to my WhatsApp mailing box, this well articulated article by Magnus Onyibe,on President Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari, titled , ” Abba Kyari: Mr. Fix It”?

I must confess,that, Magnus Onyibe provided some useful and convincing situational analyses,that, for me, qualified his article to be regarded as a masterpiece,

and as an equally timely journalistic intervention on the complex nature of political loyalty and it’s combined allegorically psychic consequences, which he had,both intellectually showcased, as well as profoundly illustrated in his piece,

for better or worth, in the context of our Nigerian philosophical perception.

Given the afformentioned, therefore, my main point of focus, here,is not to undertake an elaborate analytical chemistry of the writer’s mission,nor analyze the writer’s motives and motivation but to as ascertain,or complement, the same thematic thrust,for a patriotically quantifiable and socially dynamic political patronage,which is the ultimate goal and driving force behind any sustainable and enduring followerships,

that may eventually culminate into entrenched loyalty,through a robust but fanatically nourished followerships.
This is the applied principles developed societies used, to strengthen their political longevity.

In another perspective, it is a universally stipulated and acknowledged fact of history,that, “charity begins at home” and in the same tradition,one cannot ignore the validity of this obvious philosophical praxis in our present debacle

*I will , in conformity with this doctrine therefore, present my historical account,with a narrative on the indispensable role of President Muhammadu Buhari, who is the ultimate arrow Head, andthe substantive role model and founding father, of this unique and socially inclined political movement, called CPC,that, gave birth to the current amalgamated political fusion in Nigeria, called the APC, otherwise called, All Progressives Congeress,which mandate has unsurprising usurped the moral quality and contents of our original manifesto!

As an instructive evidence, to my historical attestation of the past, let me begin with this befitting quotation, by Alhaji Umaru Tanko Almakura,the first Governorship candidate,who later emerged as the star Governor of the hitherto, then, unknown party,CPC, inspired by General Muhammad Buhari, which evolved and blossomed into national limelight,by the massive support it enjoyed from the Nigerian masses, tagged the ‘Talakawas’ in Hausa:

Let me illustratively document, as well as buttress the historical dimensions of the doctrine of loyalty I was making references to,in response to the acute Nigerian public perception about loyalty in politics, which , I can speculate,is the main focus of Magnus Onyibe’s perspective.

Now, for the purpose of effective content delivery of the storyline, let me allow Governor Almakura’s historical sound bites to represent our shared eyewitness testimonial account,as quoted below:

” President Muhammad Buharian was the man who led the Campaign of *2011* CPC Gubernatorial election of *Nasarawa State* under the *Chairmanship* of Alh. Bello Al-Adam who conducted ‘crucial and wise elections’ which produced the only State Governor on the CPC platform throughout the Country and this is the Bedrock of President Muhammadu Buhari Success Narrative of today’s APC…….. *Governor Tanko Al-Makura”.

Yes, “The Heroes Behind The Emergence of CPC- Congress for Progressives Change in Nasarawa State”.has been a book title I have locked and kept in view, as in K. I. V, as a secret product, waiting for its patent rights in my crowded schedules!

Yes, really, this is a very interesting development and a critical moment to call a spade a spade and invite history,as a narrator, to advertise for posterity,the genuine players that were major actors to the emergence of CPC, as a historical event, for relevant references and mental recalls without which ,the political dignity ,integrity and processes of President Muhammadu Buhari’s enormous political influences and impacts in all the nooks and crannies of Nasarawa State, may, and may possibly, by extension,be impertinently go unnoticed not only in Nasarawa State, but involving the entire country, whose collective impact could be lost,and the roles they played diminished , with the possibility of eventually getting totally forgotten and gone with the winds,so to speak!

I must frankly admit ,here, that, I first met this patriotic and unassuming Nigerian called Alhaji Bello Al-Adam, a fine, intelligent and intellectually unassuming gentleman, whose loyalty and commitments to the political reality,ideology and moral doctrine of the BUHARIAN POSITIVE CHANGE PRAXIS, was so pronounced and visibly iconic, so much, that, you would think that, Buharism and it’s Integrity Charter was part of a religious chapter from one of our Holy books!

I think, I have no choice, even for obvious reasons of historical documentation ,validity and enduring references, than to eventually overcome my unacceptable laxity, to do a special piece on the emergence and historical evolution of the struggle of the BUHARI Political Party of choice,called CPC, aka, the Congress for Progressives Change,before the amazing emergence of the current All Progressives Congress on the Nigerian Political scene, like a colossal that it has become, till now, before some opportunistically favour-seeking political mercenaries takeover and hijack the copyright claim for the project,as has become the organic trademarks trend in the APC, now!

Yes, this is the time to call and recall the names of those great Men ,like Bello Al-Adam from Kano, and Umar Tanko Almakura and other pioneers, with whom our two(2) paths crossed, in the cause for the young people of Nigeria to identify the true callers and genuine supporters to the summit of General BUHARI’s Grassroots movement.
Yes, the time has come for some of us who were not only witnesses to history but we’re fully involved as major actors who helped in the dramatic development of the CPC , from inception, as well as actively participated in its growth and.becoming the winning party in NASARAWA, in 2015!
Yes, Nigeria and Nigerians can do a lot, to recognize the relevance of history and it’s inpacts on identifying their Political heroes,against the tides of current situation,so as to isolate both the pretenders , the freaks, and the fake elements,from the genuine heroes and the Real McCoys!

I wish to conclude my piece by expressing my disappointment with the level of hypocrisy and betrayal of trust by many people , whose political future was foreclosed in the PDP and were magnanimously rescued to political relevance in the APC, like the former Vice President,the former Senate Presidents , as well as Speakers, Governors, Ministers and their ex-colleagues, who are sabotagiously undermining President Buhari’s Government,from achieving our National target.
There are many of the PDP moles , entrusted with very sensitive responsibilities,who pretend to be APC by the day but are traitors by night,who are dining and romancing with some of their PDP Oligarchs,who have been the most anti Buhari hostile cliques in the country,many of whom ,were the front line sponsors of several Military Coupe Detats that sunk Nigeria to it’s current state of economic devastation and moral degradation.

These same Looters,are actively using their errand boys,as spies against the present Admiration’s Policies of Positive Change.

In Fact,the current anticlimactic propaganda salvos, against the Federal Government, is meant to sabotage the pro Bola Tinubu 2023 political momentum, because, most of the fifth Columnists involved in the anti South West Tinubu favoured 2023 Agenda, have openly exposed their indentity in numerous formal and informal media platforms and
are known enemies of both President Muhammadu Buhari and the Jagaban.

My final take on this dangerous development,is for a high-powered panel to be constituted, to investigate some of the anomalies that took place during the APC Local Government and State Conventions and Primaries,in many States, which were characterised by numerous malpractices,which have damaging effects on the Buharian Integrity Charter and manifesto.

Mr. President, many States were as guilty as Zamfara, and were exact carbon copy in their criminal abuses of the electoral laws, process and Procedures and we cannot sacrifice your integrity, which is the only credible source of our pride and the demarcation line that separates APC,from PDP, Pls!

In conclusion,let me declare my opinion,that, at the moment,many APC leaders in some states are not true advocates of Buharian Positive Change.They have diminished the moral status and advantages the APC has, over all it’s rivals. We must fight this rot!

The truth must prevail,even if our lives would be endangered or something more drastic like being hanged like Galileo Galili,Joan of Arc,and other victims of Medieval tyranny!

God bless PMB,so Nigeria,can grow and develop spiritually , to make our children and grandchildren proud,not ashamed of their heritage any more!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullah, Founder and National Patron, APC BIG LEAGUE ADVOCATES ,alias, Nationwide Grassroots ll

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