What Value Does Buhari’s Rumoured 2nd Wife Add To The Nation?

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

There are many pressing national issues the PDP should take the APC on but they chose to expend time and energy on the president’s family affairs seeking to score cheap political points from an issue the nation is least concerned about
Whether the president wanted to take another wife or not, is his private and personal affair
He would not be breaking any law or violating any of the provisions of the Constitution he has sworn to uphold and protect
It would not have been a matter of public scandal if the president who is a Muslim, had decided to take a second wife. It is allowed by his religion and it’s a matter absolutely private and personal to the President
There are even others who chose to live without a wife or a husband and are in position of leadership in this country and nobody is making any noise about it
It is even ironic that many of those who orchestrated the campaign and made negative comments on the issue in the various social media platforms, are themselves not married
If those idle minds on Facebook or Instagram may be excused for engaging in the rumour as a past time, the PDP as a major opposition party should not have joined issues with the president on the matter of whether he is taking a new wife or not and bring such fake and unconfirmed story to the level of public discourse
It only portrays the ineptitude and idleness the opposition in the face of a myriad of serious national challenges seeking attention by all and most of all, the opposition
I must salute the maturity of President Buhari who is a victim of the fake news for not joining the fray. He did not join issues with the harbingers of fake news and he did not allow himself to be distracted from his focus on finding solutions to the problems facing the common man
That is the hall mark of responsible leadership, keeping calm, cool and collected when others are losing their minds.
Buhari stood far from the Madding crowd to the utter disappointment of the cynics.
As for me, i could not bother myself in the least whether Buhari took or did not take a second, third or fourth wife or if he didn’t have a wife at all, so long as he is discharging the mandate given to him to act as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
The rumour about the wedding passed me by as an idle wind which I respect not.

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