Who Should The North Blame, Buhari Or Godfathers?

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

To be or not to be; that is the agonising question agitating the minds of most of the seriously minded and patriotic citizens of this geopolitical entity called Northern Nigeria,

which seems to be a cursed and perpetually trapped hostage, as a savagely ravaged, incapacitated and devastated poverty colony, by corrupt and heartless politicians,

on accounts of a bizarre self- indulgent greed, pursuant of a psychologically motivated paralysis called fatalism,

which is fetishist believed to be an act of God, by the ignorantly sedated peasants,

who have been held hostage by their bloodsucking and vicious hordes of idle parasites and economically- driven spendthrift- cum- looters!

who call themselves infamously as godfathers, whose trademark impunity is characterised by merciless
exploitations, unhindered abuse of power and cheating of the masses by rigging and other forms of corrupt,electoral malpractices,

thereby ,depriving the people-masses, aka Talakawas, of their rights to freedom of choice,despite President Muhammadu Buhari’s politics of integrity and positive change,. advocacy,

courtesy of an open ballot and direct Primararies voting policy,which voids the contrived and indirect system,which for long, had been
a notoriously institutionalised and favoured rigging formular, popularised as a contrived policy by OBJ,

whose numerous trainees and corrupt disciples , control the APC at all levels and who, surreptitiously use it, to subvert the PMB’s Open Ballot Option ,
as a standard benchmark for the right conduct of all free and fair electoral process,at all levels , in Nigeria!

Now, this disease has become so untreatable,as well as chronically pandemic and incurable, so much,that, people are now asking, when is the North going to stop its blame game, by which it ascribes all its self- indulgent man-made failures, as acts of God,

instead of blaming themselves and their corrupt godfathers, who use politics as the fastest Gateway,to become instant Multi Millionaires by hook or crook, even if it leads do terminal deaths of the poor masses in theur domains?

Truth, is always bitter but has always been the best and permanent antidote to falsehood!

There is no denying the facts,that, since 1999 to date, OBJ and his corrupt disciples,in both PDP and its cloned identical twin called APC,are the cause of Nigeria’s political apathy, not God or PMB!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,abdulkarimullahadoka@gmail.com

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