Rejuvenation Of Nasarawa Printing Press, Right Decision At The Right Time

By Yusufu Shehu Usman. The decision to revive Nasarawa govt press by AA Sule administration will save the government millions of Naira spent on Printing and improve information dissemination with greater efficiency
It was my dream when I was the Commissioner of Information in Nasarawa State. I was passionate about the Government Printing Press which successive administration’s neglected.
It is gratifying however to note that Governor AA Sule has decided to take the bull by the horn concerning this most important government edifice in the state.

In these times when the government must be struggling to cut the cost of governance and reduce waste and inefficiency In running the machinery of government, the decision by AA Sule the governor of Nasarawa State to rejuvenate the Government Printing Press, would not have come at a better, more auspicious and opportune time
Apart from Printing millions of government materials for all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government in safety, control and privacy, The Government Printing Press is also a veritable, reliable, good and sustained source of internally generated revenue for the government if properly funded and professionally managed for results and efficiency
The most important government documents with highest sensitivity, privacy and classification were contracted out to private printers. Thus, it is easy to compromise the integrity of such publications as Government Gazette’s, Laws, Orders and Subsidiary Legislations
I commend the foresight of Governor AA Sule for this bold and giant step to rejuvenate and bring back to operation at this most crucial time, when it is necessary for the government to control the rot in the media industry
The Nasarawa State Government Printing Press has been lying fallow and totally neglected or abandoned by successive administrations in the state
It is heartwarming to note that the AA Sule Government has taken the bold decision to change this negative narrative. It is a decision well taken at the right time and for the benefit of the state.
I am delighted and totally support the visionary idea of AA Sule regarding this government Printing Press.

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