Arsenal: The Diamond In Search Of It’s Mettle

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

Arsenal is a formidable war machine with a stack of offensive weapons but weak defence. Its general officer commanding lack strategies. That renders the team vulnerable to defeat in the war front
It used to be feared by weak oppositions, it used to hold it’s strength against it’s peers on the front line. It’s style of play used to be impressive and unique, tip tap and free flowing soccer was the magic that entertained the fans and enderared the team to their hearts
With the new coach Emery whose name is strange in the coaching world of the English Premiership or who is little known before he took charge at the Emirates, the team has become unpredictable, it is no longer a threat even to teams in the relegation zone and the stronger teams in the league no longer consider the Gunners as a strong opposition
So much has gone wrong with Arsenal. They have the players that are world class and a team that can win the Premiership title or at least permanently remain in the UEFA Championship positions or at worst play in the second grade European competition
The problem of Arsenal is not lack of quality. They have it in abandance. It is not lack of style. Their style is mesmerising and highly entertaining
It is not lack of zest or winning spirit. It is a highly motivated team on the field.
It’s not lack of fan support. They have a broad based and wide support across England and beyond
What the team lacks is leadership and dynamic management which depresses the players and the fans
With it’s current squad, Arsenal can still regain it’s Highbury form and relaunch it’s self back as one of the first three teams in the league and win back the wavering hearts of it’s teeming fans and supporters including yours faithfully.
To bounce back is not too late especially with it’s current standing on the log. The team should as a matter of urgency:
Sack Emery and shop for a coach with the Midas Touch
Reorganize the team leadership, drop the captain and replace him with an inspirational and motivated captain who enjoys the respect of the other players in the team
Institute a confidence recovery therapy to renew and re invigorate the sinking confidence of the team and restructure it’s back three to form a resilient defence force that can stop or wade off marauding attackers from the opposition
Arsenal is a team favoured by and endowed with skills and pattern which are the envy of all other teams in the EPL but with the way things are going now, it is being humiliated by winnows, crushed by the top teams and jeered even by it’s own fans
Arsenal must regain it’s past glory. It’s still a long way to go in the league. A new inspiring manager can change the fortunes of the team even mid way into the season. The time is now for the team to undergo that surgical operation and set an agenda for quick and effective recovery.
But all these can not happen until and unless Emery is shown the red card

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