In Support Of Gov Sule’s Proposed Private Sector Driven Reforms

By Mallam Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi. Governor A. A. Sule’s Proposed Private Sector – Driven Reforms In Nasarawa from all intents and purposes are meant to showcase new Participatory Democracy In The State.

I believe,to the best of my knowledge,that all the citizens of Nasarawa State, can testify , confirm and bear true allegiance to the fact,that the Nasarawa State new Governor Engineer A.A. Sule, has publicly decided to make the State Civil Service function and operated like has been the standard tradition being practices in the private Sector .

In historical reality,this concept represents the prehistoric doctrine of “collective participation in annual plannings and renewal of administrative processes and procedures”,

that were transferred from the ancient world’s social order dominant strategies for governance, before the advent and imperial inposition of the post colonial cannons of today’s structured brand of democratic governance mechanism!

In essence,my own anological interpretation of Governor A. A. Sule’s Private Sector Reforms Agenda in Nasarawa State,is similar to the ancient auxillary public practices by the ancient Kings and rulers,who assembled all their diverse communities,in the Village Square,to deliberate and debate on major issues and decisions and enforced requirements for anticipated changes in the society,in the community, in the coming years.

For me, this is how far, my my brainwaves have philosophically and contextually dimensionalised ,as well as interpreted Engineer A.ASule’s proposed reforms dynamics, in Nasarawa State ,

as pragmatically postulated in his public speeches, pronouncements, announcements and mission statements,so far.

For the avoidance of any doubt ,let me avail my fellow compatriots, to know and note, that, even before the advent of Engineer A.A Sule ,as the new Sheriff on the power throne,

Virtually,each and every citizen of my beloved State has been aggrieved and anguishly grumbling under remorseful siege, arising from the monumental collapse and total failure of the governance system,

Which had made democracy and it’s extant practices to be no longer,an epitome of collective bargaining but as an exclusive club,for the powerful men and women of material means and might in the society,

no longer as an ancient Greek menu, which was assertively defined,as
” a government of the people,by the people and for the people” ,

in order to butress the divine validity of equality,for all humanity and assorted creatures, in the Cosmic Galaxy of God’s Spiritual Order.

In any case, whatever is our level of individual perceptions, ‘I feel-good -and excited’ ,

about this well “articulated but proposed opportunity “,
said to be provided to all citizens of Nasarawa State, by Engineer A. A. Sule, to participate and contribute in taking governance back to the people at the Grassroots, like in the old days of our forefathers,which physical symbolism is translated in the prevelence of ancient African Village Square Open Space Settings,

which were the world’s first multipurpose fulcrums and iconic parliaments,

for free speech, debates and expression of public opinions,as the case dictates.

Therefore, given this objective and historic dimension, which ancient coefficients are in tandem with, and not contradictory ,nor inimically adversarial to,

Governor A. A. Sule’s proposed reforms agenda , towards sanitising and rebranding the work ethics and attitudinal laxity in the State’s unproductive, overpoliciticised and incompetently destructive civil service workforce,

Which perversive and inherited influences and parochial inpunity will continue to negatively inpede ,
both our collective,as well as positive change aspirations,

as we mobilised to make the State a reference point in promoting Buharism and Intergrity doctrine in Nigeria, which, thanks to political negative gerry- mendering and power play, had been hijacked and domesticated, an exclusive rights by the tormented PDP masquerades of yesterday years, now laxuarating as impeachable PDP moles,
in APC costumes!

In this regard, the rolling plan for this project had been made public by the new Governor’s proposed advocacy, and what is required to be done, is to embark on it’s effective sensitisation snd inplementation by the service providers and all of us stakeholders, whether as, facilitators,or end users, a cross the board!

To start the ball rolling, therefore, we need an elaborate and precise tableaux of well designed and designated action plan , or plan of actions by the Commissioners appointed by the Governor,
to guide and spearhead the motions and memontum ,
for the attainment of , not only visible outcomes but more importantly, the predominant presence of some social indicators,

that pre suppose an organic growth of positive changes within the system.

May I request, the Governor to ask and demand for each appointed Commissioner and other CEO, of all relevant Ministries and Extra Ministerial Parastal,

to prepare their respective Action Plans, backed by a scientifically motivated Implemention Chart, with authenticated Ogarnogram and an accurate SWOT analysis,

to help stimulate ideas and simulate practical alternative facts and convincing modalities,

about how to drive and make our new mandate to be enriched and translated into viable options for our reforms to succeed and be seen to be transparent in it’s final delivery mission.

This,I believe,will make our reform agenda a big hit and a success story for others in the country.

This is how to promote PMB’S Positive Change Mantra and make it a facilitator of practically integrated Participatory Democracy, for you,me and everybody in the society!

I rest my case, for now…… until next outing, when the general public should be ready to participate in making the assigned feedbacks from the service providers, are made relevant to suit the needs of our reform agenda.

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi ,Founder and National Patron, APC Pan Nigerian BIG LEAGUE, alias, Buhari Integrity Group And Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships,

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