Basic Requirement For Moving Nasarawa To The Next Level

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

We can certainly,by historical antecedents, also achieve our goal by defining our motives and motivations, which translates into our mission through
setting up a well conceived target for each ministry, extra ministerial Agencies and Parastatals,with a guided performance indicators and time frame for planning and implementation purposes , guided by our SWOT Analyses ,as specific factors for attainment of our goal, predicated on
defined motives and objectified mission, as a result of which,it becomes imperative for us to start with a clinical appraisal and investigative trial of our major actors and cross- examinations of those team members, to be responsibly appointed and assigned,as facilitating Agents for identifying and reforming the existing fault lines, deficiencies,as well as operational anomalies and lapses, associated with each ministry and Parastatal, etcetera,as the case may dictate.

As things vividly reflect currently, the positive changes intended for reforms and renewal by Governor/ Engineer A.A. Sule may be a good initiative but seems to be a troubled assignment, right from birth, because, it is perceived as a Pandora’s box of contradiction, lacking in substance, due to it’s tragic relationship with the past leadership, which exerting influences are sympathetically represented by the overwhelming dominance and menacingly imposed Garrison composite hierarchy of the new team players,

which visibility is already so discomforting pronounced and sabotagagious, before even takeoff, which appears as as valid testimonial for public fears and apprehensive apathy in the State, having acknowlginly take the satanic roles of most of the miscreants,on board A.A. Sule’s sagacious new ship!

However, be that as it may be,It is very insightfully important for members of the general public to ensure that, they make use of this golden opportunity,to participate actively in setting the right agenda .

Therefore, we should all rise up to take this opportunity, as a serious democratic responsibility for advancing the cause of governance, and there is no reason whatsoever,
for Patriotically- inclined citizens to reject this invitation,or shy away from making this platform an important tool, to promote positive changes,in the way and manner the service providers in our Ministries and other extra Ministerial establishment,

can never repudiate,or fail to perform to standards!

Let’s for the sake of this our assigned experiment, take the Judiciary and the Ministry of Justice as a case study,

which renewal and Reformation Design must be backed up by relevant job descriptions,to be packaged as a joint venture collective bargaining Chip,so to speak,
meant to showcase the Participatory and dynamic influences and inputs of the responsibly active Citizens in governance,by strengthening the needful voices of the general public,in the policy formulation phases and process,

which is the fulcrum of democratic governance mechanism, in all civilised societies,the world over.

For better or worse, we are indeed, collectively invited to be visible Agents and partners of change, through this new threshold of positive advocacy, introduced by the Engineer A.A. Sule private sector- inclined strategic policy planning initiatives.

Let us “make hay while the sun shines”,by encouraging ‘the testing of alternative thinking’, without compromising the fundamental objections against parochial Impunity and sectional mindsets, which have always been our avoidable impediments against integrity and positive changes, over the years.

Let us, as influential collaborators of positive change, get wholistically,as well as holistically involved in the process of moving Nasarawa State forward and to the Next Level,
even through whistle -blower monitoring techniques,

because,as the sayings go, ” the test of the puddings are in the eating,
as much as, ” actions and…nay , maybe Activities as well,…speak louder than words”!

Therefore,let us be active participants,not idle critics of the positive changes and intergrity doctrine we have always wanted to be our benchmark,as well as best National aspirations, which PMB’S inspirational motivation has ideologically made, both, to be our globally acknowledges National Identity,as against the OBJ- Atikulootedly moral decadence of the past leadership years of the locusts!

I rest my case, even as I keep watching patiently,the promised public sector proposed changes to governance by Governor/ Eng.A.A. from my Observatory, and hope same by all responsive and responsible Stakeholders in the State!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi, is a Founder and National Patron, APC BIG LEAGUE, alias,
Buhari Integrity Group Advocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships, abdulkarimullahadoka@

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