APC Reconciliation Moves: Right Step, Right Time, Right Reasoning

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

Its a good thing that the APC has realised though lately that it needs to reconcile with it’s disgruntled members ahead of 2023, the year that will test and determine the true strength and cohesion of the party as president Buhari will not be in contention for the Presidency
What happened in the build up to the 2019 general elections, especially the rancrous and chaotic conduct of the party’s primary elections across the nation, left a sour taste in the mouths of many stakeholders of the party, who unfairly, unjustly and in some cases even fraudulently short changed in the process
If the party must be told the truth, that is the major reason for the crisis that caused the rift, dissatisfaction and polarisation of its members Des the fact that it managed to win the general elections with impressive results
The internal crisis and I fighting also exposed the shaky internal alliances and the fabric that held the merger which brought the party to power
It was by sheer providence and the towering image, charisma, and the personality of Buhari that actually made the difference between the APC and the PDP in the 2019 polls as it did in 2015
In 2023, the party will run the general elections without Buhari as a candidate and this will have huge implications on the Apc’s electoral fortunes, especially in the Northern part of the country where the largest chunk of the votes reside and where Buhari holds sway with a cult like followership.
It is significant to point out that ahead of 2023, the major rival and opposition party the PDP is in overwhelming control of the South East and the South South Geo political zones, with pockets of incursion into the North and the South West
This is very politically instructive to factor in this consideration, as the person and may be even the personality of Buhari may not make the difference it made in the North in the 2015 through 2019 elections. These were elections widely won by the APC riding on the popularity, personal credentials and pedigree of Buhari
With the brewing crisis in Edo state and the recent very shaky victory of the party in the recent Kogi and Bayelsa elections, the Apc would no doubt have a herculean task in 2023, if it’s to retain the states it won in 2015 and 2019
That is why it is imperative for the party to make amends, reconcile with its warring and influential stake holders, assuage damaged feelings and integrate all party members ahead of the gigantic battle of 2023
Its wise and indeed timely that it recalled the suspended big wigs from suspension.These are political heavy weights with the capacity to make a difference in any political party they may throw their weight behind in 2023
As part of the reconciliation efforts, the party should as a matter of urgency and utmost importance, identify those who were aggrieved by the primary elections at all levels from the Governorship, Senatorial, House of Representatives and state Houses of Assembly primaries and compensate them appropriately for their contributions to the party. They mobilised their teeming supporters and spent a lot of their personal wealth to assist the party win elections at various levels
As they are Politicians, they will still be very relevant for the 2023 elections.
The reconciliation will not bear any meaningful fruits until these categories of aggrieved stakeholders are settled or compensated one way or the other
The reconciliation should be made in very sincere atmosphere, with the best of intentions and should cut across all the states
As I stated earlier, it is wise that the APC has embarked on this noble effort early enough. I am sure that if the grievances of these stakeholders are addressed in every state now, the party will bring them back fully into its fold and they will be encouraged to work sincerely and assiduously for the electoral success of the APC in 2023
The pdp will no doubt be emboldened by the exit of Buhari in 2023 and will leave no stone unturned to take the benefit of the vacuum that will be thrown open especially in the North
It must however be emphasised that reconciliation without compensation can not assuage the shattered hopes and expectations of the aggrieved party members who were short changed in the rancorous primaries across the states
The APC in the spirit of genuine reconciliation, must carry along all those who stood for the primary elections from Governorship through the state Assemblies across the country and compensate them as appropriate
That is the only way to give these critical stakeholders a sense of belonging and to re enlist their support and forth contribution ahead of the crucial battle in 2023 which by the way, is not far off

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