Discos And Unjustified Hike In Tariff

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

Since last two weeks, there were speculations that Nigerians would be put through the crucible and angst of another cruel Tariff hike by the Discos even when their performance and efficiency is continuously dwindling
At first the Discos feebliehly denied the news as it made the rounds in the social and conventional media
But yesterday, it was on national network televisions that the Electricity Commission has through it’s website published approval for increased tariff to be charged with effect from January 2020
Is it true that the Discos have increased electricity tariff across the board and across the nation?
How can they do that without improving services? Are we paying for their inefficiency?
The Discos are a huge scam.
They must first ensure steady and regular supply of power and improve their service delivery before adjusting their tarrif and even that should not be effected unilaterally or imposed on us without negotiations.
We must get value for our money and it is not our responsibility as citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to subsidise the operations of a purely private enterprise
I hope our activists will be active on this. They should not only reserve their activism to fight for few or selected individual who have brawls with the government
The issue of power and electricity affects every Nigerian and the masses are the worst hit.
This is where activism will make sense – fight for the common man, the poor, the underprivileged and the vulnerable in the society
I don’t blame the Discos so much as I blame the National Electriticity Commission for this disservice to the ordinary Nigerians
The Commission is the regulator of the industry on behalf of the masses of Nigeria
They know nothing has improved in the services of the GENCOS and the DISCOs to justify the hike in tariff and yet they approved and impoeed it on Nigerians
Is the Commission working for the interest of the people or against the interest of the people and in favour of the DISCOs?
The Disco light went off even before I finished typing this post
Is it the type of service I must pay increased tariff for? #############################——-IRAN AND THE FATAL UKRAINIAN JET LINER

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

Was there no communication between the crew of the fatal plane and the Iranian military before the plane was downed?
No wonder Iran refused to surrender the black boxes
It’s belated admission of responsibility under pressure may be suggestive of fore knowledge and complicity
Why did it take Iran days to confess and admit that the shooting down of the Ukrainian jet liner was an act (willfull, negligent or accidental of it’s military forces?
All the dead passengers were innocent civilians who would most definitely have had nothing to do with whatever conflict was between Iran and the United States or any other country in a state of war or in a near state of war
It’s even more intriguing that many of the deceased were also Iranian citizens
How can a country be so recklessly negligent or criminally negligent in an action that involved the lives even of it’s own citizens?
The world must be mourning this tragic loss to humanity
This cruel international criminality has overshadowed and brought to the back foot whatever Iran and the US may be fighting themselves for.
It’s a rude shock and total shame to the world and to humanity
May the souls of all the faithfuls departed receive the mercy and compassion of the good Lord
They we’re killed brutally and mindlessly for what they knew not!

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