Gov Sule And The Numerous Committees

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

I have read worthy comments from concerned citizens of Nasarawa State on the many Committees set up by the new administration of Governor AA Sule
They have every right to express concern or even anxiety on the issue
We have been used to the situation and there are many in the course of the history of the state when so much funds were sunk in setting up committee’s on many serious issues affecting the state and in the end nothing came out by way of solutions
As a policy analyst I see absolutely nothing wrong in Committees. They aid formulation and execution of govt policies if the membership is right and the Committees thoroughly , sincerely and professionally delivered on it’s terms of reference
The most important thing is for the government to critically analyse the report, recommendations and implementation strategies contained in the committee’s reports.
If the Government uses the recommendations of the committee to solve serious issues in governance, the setting up of the committee would be more than worth it’s while
The Committee is a veritable means of decision making by governments all over the world and Nasarawa State should not be an exception
The Committee’s dig up facts that otherwise would not be available to the Government, it invites memoranda that would represent the various shades of opinion cutting across a wide variety of stakeholders and in the end harmonise, synthesise and coordinate all, to aid it in making recommendations to the Government
The problem arises only if the committees are set up as a means of diverting attention of the people from serious issues and the Government either has no solutions to, or when the report of the committee is consigned to the archives of government library without any regard given to the recommendations and implementation of the recommendations.
As a person trained on the issues of policy and strategy in Government procedures, and coupled with the practical experience I garnered from policy formulation and implementation at the highest level of the state administration, I support the use of committees in driving policies and implementing decisions in the interest of both the Government and the governed.

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