FULafia: The Lasting, Enduring Legacy Of Al-makura

By Yusufu Shehu Usman

It is gratifying and heart warming to all citizens of Nasarawa State to watch the Federal University Lafia grow and develop in leaps and bounds within just a few years of it’s establishment
I read with a complete sense of satisfaction and joy, the report that the NUC has accredited multiple academic programs for the University, including the all important and most competitive Faculty of Medicine and the degree in Nursing among other courses
It was the dream of Almakura while I government to support the University in it’s bid to secure accreditation for the Medical Sciences from the NUC
Almakura left no stone unturned working very closely with the authorities of the university to achieve this noble and lofty objective
Almakura was heavily criticised by the opposition and even some internal elements within his Government when he decided to build and deliver to the Federal University Lafia facilities and land for the take off of the then proposed Teaching Hospital
The Administration should not be deterred by criticism bit remain steadfast and continue to support the Federal University Lafia as Almakura did through out his tenure.
It’s in the interest of Nasarawa State and our teeming army of youth who should benefit from the establishment of the university in the state by the federal government
It gives the indigenes of Nasarawa State the opportunity both for employment and admission for academic programs of the university
With such support and collaboration with the university which Almakura had the privilege to establish, the current state government could use the intellectual resources of the university to benefit the state in training Government officials in specialised areas and also engage the university in research into policies and programs on issues that will contribution to the development of the state and improve the lives of the citizens
Almakura, supported the development of the Federal University Lafia in many fundamental respects. He ensured that the University got adequate land in the most auspicious location for it’s take off. He didn’t stop at that.
His administrator also built and donated essential infrastructure and helped in the construction of roads within the university, lecture theatres and a host of other physical and social infrastructural that enabled the universe take off and consolidated it’s development ahead of other universities established at the same time with Federal University Lafia.
It should never be forgotten that it was Almakura who provided the almost every facility necessary and required for the Federal University Lafia to apply for the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine. He built and delivered to the university the foundation Teaching Hospital, a necessary requirement for the accreditation of the MBBS program which has now become a reality to the joy and admiration of Nasarawa State Government and indeed all the citizens of the state
I will strongly advise the current administration of governor AA Sule to consolidate and build on this land mark achievements of the Almakura administration in educational development of Nasarawa State.
This is one of the silent but profound contributions of Tanko Almakura to the development and growth of the Federal University Lafia as a citadel of tertiary education in the state
The foresight of Governor Almakura and the total and unrelenting support he gave the federal University Lafia to establish the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the recent accreditation given to it by the NUC, will be written in gold and remain indelible in the history of Nasarawa State and the Federal University Lafia
I hope governor AA SULE will expand the frontiers of this worthy collaboration in the interest of the people of Nasarawa State.
It is a work in progress and every successive government in the state should continue to support the University in the Interest of Nasarawa State. Almakura is the pace setter in this laudable and commendable efforts which should be sustained and further deepened and entrenched by every Government of Nasarawa State regardless of the political party in power at any material time.

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