Gov Sule Reads Riot Act To Banks, Order Closure Of One Government Account

By Our Reporter

The Nasarawa State Government has described as unacceptable situations where banks operating in the state become too willing to be used as witnesses in order to garnishee its accounts.

The state Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, threatened to sanction such banks while speaking as a special guest of honour at the 2019 end of year Bankers Committee dinner and award night, in Lafia, on Saturday.

Engineer Sule noted that while the state government has good working mutual relationship with most of the banks, some banks have decided to cross the line by appearing to be more interested in third parties than with the relationship with government.

“You know it will not all be good news. I have one bad news. It’s about the kind of relationship we have with some of you bankers and Nasarawa State. And this is what I inherited. And I pray that I will come and find a way to stop it,” he said.

The Governor described as out of order, warning that if any bank chose to betray the trust of the state government possibly because some bank officials are more interested in a case than the relationship, then the state government will be left with no choice than to close its account with such bank.

Engineer Sule said having worked closely with bankers while he was in the private sector, he knew that the relationship between a bank and its customer to be extremely confidential.

“And I remember many times when either the courts or other places will ask a bank or even security agencies, will ask for certain information, because of that confidentiality agreement, and the confidentiality clause between the bank and its customer, it has to take a break in the law, before the bank will do otherwise,” he said.

To this effect, the Governor disclosed that he has instructed officials to close the state government’s account with an unnamed bank operating in the state tomorrow, being Monday.

“Where banks are more interested in saying, yes, we have money of Nasarawa State, come and garnishee the account, then definitely Nasarawa State Government does not need to work with that bank,” Engineer Sule stated.

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