Editorial: Lafia Local Government Council: Twenty-one Months Of Aminu Muazu Maifata

Lafia Local Government Council undoubtedly is the most populated and
arguably most complicated Local Government to govern in Nasarawa
state. Out of the 13 Local Government Councils, Lafia stands out as
one that is multicultural, multiethnic, pluralistic and diverse. And
this is possible owing largely to the hospitality of the inhabitants
of the area. Despite these diversities and attributes, Lafia Local
Government still remains the most peaceful.
Yes, Lafia is the most complicated Local Government Council to govern.
For one to govern Lafia successfully as its chief steward, one most
imbibes and adopts patience as not only his watch word but as guiding
Aminu Muazu Maifata, since his inauguration as chief steward of Lafia
Local Government Council on 28th May 2018, has to say the least,
imbibes and adopts patience as not only his watch words but he makes
patience becomes his guiding principles.
Due to culture of patience Aminu Muazu Maifata adopts, he was able to
achieve a lot just within these twenty one months in office. We, in
Nasarawa Eye can assert without mincing words that, Aminu Muazu
Maifata has, in the main, toils all through to ensure Lafia Local
Government Council remains peaceful. He has not, advertently or
inadvertently, makes or enacts any policy or makes any speech that
breaches the peace of Lafia, thus far.
Apart from ensuring sustenance of peace, it is on record that, Aminu
Muazu Maifata also works without prejudice, to ensure all Lafia
inhabitants live in harmony with each other, without malice.
As human being, we can not in one breath say Aminu Muazu Maifata has
never offended anybody since he assumes office as Chairman of Lafia
Local Government, but in the other, we can say that Aminu Muazu
Maifata is the type of person that appreciates and values every person
that goes to him with a genuine request for assistance irrespective of
age or social status. His office in Lafia Local Government secretariat
is always open. To Aminu Muazu Maifata, policy of exclusiveness is not
in his dictionary book. What he knows is inclusiveness. In everything
that he does he will make sure that all that were with him have a say.
On human capital development, nobody will doubt Aminu Muazu Maifata’s
efforts towards ensuring youth empowerment in Lafia. Only recently, he
paid NECO and JAMB registration fees to hundreds of youth just to
ensure they were off the street.
As ALGON Chairman Nasarawa state, Aminu Muazu Maifata ensures full
support and cooperation of the association on implementations of all
policies of Abdullahi A. Sule’s administration especially as it
affects local government administration. Successful implementations of
full salary of local government workers in Nasarawa state is
attributable to myriad of support and cooperation shown to Governor
Abdullahi A. Sule by ALGON under the able leadership of Aminu Muazu
As things stands today, we in Nasarawa Eye are happy to say that Aminu
Muazu Maifata has not disappointed the people of Lafia who elected him
nor his admirers all over the state.

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