Between Dan Anisha Village In Taraba And Border Villages Of Benue, Nasarawa

By Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi

This is a matter of urgent National Security implications,which deserves the attention of critical stakeholders, because, issues at stake border on a well organized but silent war with genocidal consequences!

I got distress calls from some Victims of what I can, convincingly assert, by my Humanity- disposed Conscience, to be a mini- holocaust, between:

1- The Jukuns and Tiv Communities in Dan Anisha Ward ,in Wukari Local Government of Taraba State,over rival claims to the ownership of the said town,which was historically said to have been first established by Tiv Pioneers, who founded it as their ancesstoral home, before some Jukums, started migrating to join them, alongside,other migrant tribes in search of better Economic opportunities, according to credible sources, familiar with the area.
The immediate action requiring rapid response solution on the critical and dangerously volatile nature of the Crisis,now, more than the Truth of rival claims of ownership,is to empower Security Presence in the troubled zone,which locals now refer to as Kwararafa Versus Tiv Iraq , Which similarity is invoked because of the availability of AK47 and other dangerous weapons of War in the vicinity of the hostile zone,which,if left uncontrolled, may luckily escalate to instigate more ethno-religious conflicts in the state, (Taraba);which had become synanimous with it’s new tag, as Nigeria’s Lebanon.

(2) The Ortom- Fulaninazation War,which has become globalised,as Herders Versus Farmers Conflicts.
I believe, the Press and some elements of the Nigerian Security Forces have not been playing their professional and secucurity-deterrent roles,as impartial adjudicators.
As I speak and write to alert both the Federal Government,as well as the Nasarawa State Governments,the Fulani residing on the Nasarawa- Banue Border needs to be rescued from Governor Ortoms new Executive Cattle- Rusling Rampage on innocent Fulanis,who have unjustifiably, been victimised and subjected to numerous forms of official hostilities and untowards bringandages by the Governor Ortoms new Cattle- Rustling Avengers,who are attacking and stealing Fulanis uncountable herds,in the border towns and villages linking NASARAWA and BENUE STATE’S.

NB: Please, I implore the Federal Government and it’s Agents,to see this posting as a Whistle Blowing Humanitarian SOS, to save lives of innocent Victims, from an obviously complicit State Governments ochestrated and secretively Sanctioned Violent Extremism!

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