Why We’re Taking Steps To Mitigate Spread Of COVID-19- Gov. Sule

The Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule has said that his administration is taking steps to control and contain the spread of the dreaded covid-19 because the state lacks the capacity to be able to manage large positive cases.Engineer Sule gave the hint while being presented with a report on oversight functions at Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) carried out by the Nasarawa State Civil Service Commission, at the Government House, on Thursday.The Governor expressed concern that a widespread coronavirus infection, will have devastating effect on both the economy and health of the state, especially that Nasarawa State is one of the least in terms of federal allocation.Engineer Sule used the opportunity to therefore, appeal to the people of the state to bear with the decisions being taking by his administration in a bid to protect the citizens against the pandemic.While assuring that government, on its own, will do everything possible, to ensure that the effects of such decisions, are not so devastating to the people of the state, Engineer Sule further appealed to the people of the state to bear with government until the prevailing challenge is over.“Truly speaking, every time that we meet, and every day I wake up, every day I go to sleep, I am worried about the impact of covid-19 on the health and economy of our state.“The state will be badly affected, especially in the area of economy and also in the area of health, once we discover that we have positive cases in Nasarawa State,” the Governor said.Engineer Sule noted that recent measures taken must have affected both Christians and Muslims, especially that the country was just coming out of the Easter period and now approaching the holy month of Ramadan.“I know decisions we are taking are painful to the people, especially at a time we just went through the Easter period and we are also approaching the Ramadan.“Both faiths have been affected and both faiths have been hindered from carrying out their religious functions. But we will continue to plead with people of Nasarawa State to bear with the government when it comes to the action we are taking,” he added.Commenting on the report being presented, the Governor while appreciating the commission for carrying out a wonderful job, promised that government will continue to look at the report and most of the areas identified.“We will look at all the issues that you have mentioned, especially in the areas of sensitive positions that are not occupied. And other sensitive positions that are in the hands of people who are casual workers,” the Governor said.Earlier, while presenting the report, Chairman of the Nasarawa State Civil Service Commission, Alhaji Musa Dangana, commended the state government for all the measures put in place in order to control and contain the spread of covid-19 in the state.Dangana said, as part of the statutory function of the commission, members carried out oversight visits to MDAs, following which they made certain recommendation which they are submitting as part of the report and which when followed, will lead to optimal efficiency in the state civil service.

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