Nasarawa Police Deny Bribe Allegation At Isolation Center


Policemen and women in Nasarawa State do not receive bribe for whatever purpose according to the state’s police boss, Commissioner Bola Longe. He spoke through the Command’s Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Nansel Nahman in a telephone chat with this correspondent.
The chat went thus, Question: Mr. PRO sir, …report reaching our desk allege that policemen are accepting gratification from some quarantined persons at the isolation centre in the Nasarawa State Polytechnic to let them leave the place.
Answer: It is not in the character of the Police to even collect bribe, how much more from people who are in an isolation centre to let them off the hook so they will go and infect other people and make Nasarawa State a theatre of COVID-19? That is not true.
Despite that, the Commissioner of Police in Nasarawa state has lectured his men and warned them to do away with any act that is unprofessional. I am very sure they will not do that, am sure they will not do that; despite knowing the zero level of tolerance of the Commissioner of Police in Nasarawa state? Am not sure they will do that.

Question: You say it is not in the character of the Police but there are reports across the nation of Policemen in some places despite the lockdown, collecting bribes from people at the interstate borders to enable them pass.

Answer: I cannot speak for others.
Question: Let us assume…are you assuring the public that there will be no case of policemen receiving gratification of any kind for whatever thing in Nasarawa State.
Answer: Yes.