COVID-19: Nasarawa Discharges 19 Patients Out Of 32 Positive Cases Recorded

Nasarawa State Government has discharged 19 COVID-19 patients out of the 32 positive cases recorded in the state.Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule disclosed this while chatting with journalists shortly after inspecting ongoing work at the Infectious Diseases Control and Diagnostic Centre, Lafia, on Monday.The Governor stated that 19 patients who tested negative after receiving treatment, have been discharged, with the state now having 12 active cases and one death.Engineer Sule expressed satisfaction that, in spite of the fact that the government has set up several isolation centres across the state, there are no patients at such facilities.“We have been very lucky , we had total of 32 cases. As at this morning, we have had one death and 19 that have already been discharged.“They have turned negative again and they have been discharged. Of the 32 cases, we only have 12 active cases,” he stated.Commenting on the progress of work at the Infectious Diseases Centre, the Governor said the first phase of project, which entails the physical structure of the facility, is at 95 percent completion.He explained that government is rushing to complete the project in order to adequately prepare for future emergencies, in terms of mitigating the outbreak of infectious diseases, such as Lassa Fever, Ebola, as well as any future eruption of virus.Engineer Sule however noted that the second phase of the project, which entails equipping the facility, will be capital intensive but that his administration is working tirelessly to ensure the completion of the project.“You can see they have finished the painting, fixing the doors, floors and roofs. It’s just the landscaping outside. But that is just phase one.The second phase which is more important and actually more economically demanding, is the aspect of equipment and we are working on that at the moment. It will require a lot of investment in the area of research, testing and various laboratories,” the Governor said.Engineer Sule pointed out that the centre will synergize with the Dalhatu Araf Specialists Hospital, as well as the State School of Nursing, all located within the vicinity of the facility.“There is going to be synergy between the three institutions around. There will also be lots of collaboration, especially with the NCDC, we have been talking to them, with the Federal Ministry of Health and the State Ministry of Health, as well as all the other major hospitals that we have around, including our PHC unit,” he explained.

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