Putting Gov Sule’s Second Term Comment In Proper Perspective

Last week both our social and mainstream media space have been awash
with a comment credited to the Governor of Nasarawa state Engr.
Abdullahi Alhaji Sule regarding second term in office. At a media
chat to commemorate his one year in office Governor Abdullahi Sule was
quoted as saying among other things that he is not bothered about
being reelected in 2023.
The Nation newspaper of Saturday June 6th 2020 which first published
the comment brought the issue to the front-burner by quoting Governor
Sule extensively on the issue. After denial by the Director General,
Strategic Communication and Press Affairs, Yakubu Lamai, our social
media space was again awash with video clip of the said comment just
to further convince the people that Governor Sule actually uttered
such words during his media chat.
Since we all read or watched the video clip, there is no point
paraphrasing what Governor Sule said at the said media chat here;
doing so will amount to wasting people’s time. However, what is
supposed to bother us is not whether Gov Sule made such comment or
not, the question we ought to be asking is whether such comment is
desirable or undesirable at this material time?
Governor Abdullahi Sule, to be fair to him, is not the type of
politician we are used to having around. Perhaps due to his long stay
outside Nigeria or due to his upbringing or both, Gov. Sule appears as
somebody who is not used to deceiving people. He is indeed very blunt
and sometimes even blunt to a fault. Unlike many of our politicians
who view politics as a game of deceit. To these politicians you can
only succeed as a politician if you cultivate the habit of deceit, in
short you can only succeed in your political career when you become
deceitful in all your conducts. But Gov Sule sees deceitfulness in
politics not only as an aberration but awkward and ungodly.
For our politicians who regard politics as a game of deceit, what
Gov. Sule said during his media chat which is raising so much dust is
undesirable; but to a cosmopolitan politician who believes in telling
people the truth regardless of its bitterness as instructed by
Almighty God, what Governor Sule said is desirable. And whether we
accept it or not partisan politics has indeed, become not only a
vocation in Nigeria but a way of life. Since partisan politics has
become our way of life, we can only ignore telling people the truth at
our own peril. We will all one day stand before our Creator to give
account; certainly that day will surely come.
Personally, I see this entire hullabaloo regarding the comment made by
Gov. Abdullahi Sule about his second term as unnecessary, there is
nothing awful in all what he was reported to have said at that media
chat. The comment fitted perfectly into the question he was asked
concerning the ranting by some members of the ruling APC in Nasarawa
state. The way and manner Governor Sule passed that comment clearly
indicated that he was not trying to demean the people of Nasarawa
state who elected him in 2019. And in actual fact, the missiles he
launched at that media chat were directed at certain quarters and
certain persons who think that they are the ones in possession of the
key to his second term in office.
I believe Gov Sule was in his full mental alertness when he uttered
such high sounding words; and it was a clear message to those who feel
they can make and unmake people in Nasarawa state.
Now if for example Gov Sule did not secure a second term as some
people somewhere are threatening, should that be the end of his life?
After all, how many former governors failed to secure a second term of
office and they are presently living comfortably, happy? And how many
secured the second term and are now living in penury, depression? We
are talking about what is mundane; life on earth in itself is mundane,
as it comes, so it goes. So what’s the fuss about life? To my own
understanding, Governor Sule’s sincere assertions at that fateful
media chat regarding second term of office should be seen and
appreciated within this context.
In my previous piece relating to the issue of alleged one billion
naira School Projects scam involving the former Secretary to the State
Government (SSG) Aliyu Tijjani when he was Commissioner of Education
during the last administration of former governor, Umaru Tanko
Al-makura, I highlighted that Governor Abdullahi Sule going by his
pedigree will not hesitate to make his SSG face the full wrath of the
law when the State House of Assembly eventually find him guilty of the
offence he was accused of. In the said piece which I titled: “NSHA Row
with SSG Tijjani: In Defense of Gov. Sule” (Nasarawa Eye newspaper
online 09/5/2020), I further stressed that investigating a public
officer on presumed wrong doings while in office or out of office is
not a new phenomenon in our polity in Nasarawa state”
I also pointed out that “Former Governor Abdullahi Adamu faced EFCC;
late Aliyu Akwe Doma faced same investigative body. Thus there is
nothing novel if for example Umaru Tanko Al-makura or anybody who
served under him is made to face an investigative body or committee
over alleged wrongdoings”. Now what I professed in that my piece has
indeed came to fruition; Gov Abdullahi Sule has relieved his SSG Aliyu
Tijjani of his appointment following a resolution of the state House
of Assembly.
I know certainly, there are some that are not happy that Gov Sule
relieved Aliyu Tijjani of his appointment as SSG in view of what they
may properly term as ungratefulness on the part of Governor Sule over
what former governor Tanko Al-makura did for him. But like I argued in
my article of 09/5/2020, the issue at stake regarding Aliyu Tijjani
and the State House of Assembly is not that of relationship between
Gov Sule and former governor Al-makura, the issue is about the
collective interest of the people of Nasarawa state.
Gov Sule took an oath to defend the interest of people of Nasarawa
state and what Aliyu Tijjani allegedly did has to do with collective
interest of people of Nasarawa state. Now under this circumstance,
which of this should take precedence? Was it the interest of people of
Nasarawa state who elected Gov Sule into office or his personal
relationship with former governor Al-makura? To me the decision
Governor Sule took regarding former SSG Aliyu Tijjani is right.
Governor Sule had no option other than to implement the resolution of
the House in the interest of harmonious relationship between the
Executive and the Legislature in the state.
All conjectures, insinuations and permutations are therefore
unnecessary and counter-productive.

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