Nigerian Political Office Holders And Attitude Of Not Picking Phone Calls

By Comrade Idris A. AdamuMany Nigerian politicians are underrating the importance of communication by either deliberately refusing to pick calls, return calls or text messages in respective of who the caller is particularly when it affect the electorates.
The state, condition or purpose of the caller is no doubt a matter unknown to the recipient weather he is in need of urgent attention that can save life or at worst give some advise.
Almost all politicians or public Office holders are guilty of this barbaric act. They assume that callers only call to disturb them forgetting that public Office is a public trust.
Funny enough, during electioneering campaign the so-called politicians and public Office holders attended to callers but once its over they change like chameleon.
Nigerian politicians and public Office holders must learn to be just and fear to all manners of callers weather highly placed or not.
Today, majority of politicians or public Office holders only pick, return or reply text messages of government officials, party members, family and friends if at all they do.
The moment one assume’s public Office he is for everybody in respective of gender, political affiliations, tribal and religious colorations.
If I may ask if they are in the shoes of callers how will they feel? Everything in Life has its end. The person who need you today may be the person you need must tomorrow.
Politicians and public Office holders in general must appreciate the fact that the people are their must important assent in democracy.
It is advisable, politicians and public Office holders should take note that God can decide to make them the callers.
Therefore, they have no reason to decline their calls or text messages. They must change as quickly as possible. If they don’t, they remain unappreciative of the votes of the people, unreceptive, unlistening, political mix-fit, uncivilize, myopic, ungenerous, over and above all undemocratic and unprogressive.
~ Comrade Idris A. Adamu (Wakilin Rukubi) wrote in from Nasarawa state. Email:

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