Al-makura/ A.A Sule: Nasarawa APC Scribe Cautions Against Baseless insinuations

The Secretary of ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in Nasarawa state Hon Aliyu Bello has enjoined the opposition elements to imbibe the spirit of constructive criticism as against unwarranted and baseless insinuations against Senator Umaru Tanko Al-makura and Engr Abdullahi A. Sule

Speaking in NBS Hausa Programme “Dandalin Siyasa” aired on Friday; Hon Bello cautioned that casting aspersion against Umaru Tanko Al-makura and Engr Abdullahi A. Sule would not do anything in their affinity rather it can only help in strengthen the relationships between them.

Apparently referring to those who are determined to create a friction between the two leaders in Nasarawa state, Hon Bello appealed to them to stop wasting their time, as according to him, the level of understanding between Umaru Tanko Al-makura and Engr Abdullahi A. Sule are beyond human comprehension.

Hon Bello who recently returned to Nigeria from medical checkup in India, further observed that it is God that bind Al-makara and Engr Sule together, adding “what God has put together no one should put asunder”

He stressed that as God fearing leader, Engr Sule would never do anything that would go against the dictates of his conscience no matter the quantum of pressures mounted on him

“Being a cosmopolitan leader, Engr Sule has set a goals to achieved in Nasarawa state and no one would stop him from achieving those goals however the criticism” Hon Bello added.

On insinuations about single term for Engr Sule, Hon Bello advised the governor to remained focus, saying “second term belongs to Almighty Allah; it is only Allah who knows whether we would reach 2023 but so long as we are alive nobody will stop Engr Sule from gaining second term in office in Nasarawa state. It is the entire people of Nasarawa who can decide when the time comes”

While noting that one year is not enough to assess a governor who has four year term, Hon Bello who thanked the people of Nasarawa state for remaining faithful to the APC, pointed out that in the last one year Engr Sule has achieved a lots especially on aspects of roads constructions, provisions of primary health care services, youth and women empowerment, provisions of solar power to rural communities etc.

Hon Bello who debunked accusations on former governor Al-makura, now Senator, that he has not done anything in the Senate in the last one year, said the people of Nasarawa South have benefited more in terms of dividend of democracy than during the last occupant of that office.

Explaining further, Hon Bello said in the last one Senator Al-makura has impacted positively on the lives of the people of Nasarawa South, adding that there is no any basis to compare what Senator Al-makura has achieved in the last one year with what the last occupant has achieved in 12 years.

“Look let me tell the last occupant of the office of Senator representing Nasarawa South cannot boost of anything even in his rural community” Hon Bello further stressed.

On APC crisis in Akwanga, Hon Bello stressed: “As a party that has strict adherence to constitution and party guidelines, the decision we took on suspension of the chairman was in the best interest of the party, there is a partition against the chairman and he cannot remain in office, he has to step aside bending the conclusion of the investigations on the accusations leveled against him”

While enjoining the people of Nasarawa state to continue to support the APC and the government of Engr Abdullahi A. Sule, Hon Bello assured that APC at both the levels of government would not let the people down, stressing that Nigeria has since past the era of impunity and recklessness.

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