Payment Of Gratuity: Commendable Effort By Gov Sule

By Jafaru Musa. Penultimate week his Excellency governor engineer Abdullahi A Sule of Nasarawa state made a solemn declaration as part of his social contract with civil servants in the state that he would dedicate the state’s share of the world bank largesse to states in the country for transparency and accountability proficiency to the payment of retired workers gratuity.

The pronouncement is not only a very cheery news but equally gladdens the heart and a very commendable effort from the people’s governor whose administration’s mantra is to exceed all expectations.

This singular act of magnanimity, commitment and selflessness by governor further confirms his avowed pledge to reverse the ugly the situation retired Civil servants found themselves in during the wee days of the Almakura administration in which only 50 percent pension were paid to retirees while others were denied even the fifty percent for upward of seven months for daring to challenge the government over percentage payment of pension in the state.

But like a thunderbolt and a Messiah from above, engineer Abdullahi Sule came during the dyeing days of the Almakura administration to salvage the pensioners who had hitherto been subjected to untold hardship by either collecting 50 percent pension or nothing at all for seven months for those who dared to challenge the then administration for paying half pensions in the state.

Honour must be given to whom honour is due for rescuing retirees in Nasarawa state from the tyranny of a minority against the majority. In fact, majority of the retirees in the state had lost hope of normalcy in the pension situation until your divine arrival as governor of the state who has the feeling of retirees at heart.

Needless to say that the entire retirees of this state are greatful to your excellency for his act of generosity and fatherly concern in trying to make them live a worthy life after service to their fatherland.

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