Payment Of Gratuity: Commendable Efforts By Gov Sule (ii)

By Jafaru Musa

In continuation of my write up on pension issues in Nasarawa state before the Facebook high command prevented me from further divesting,I had made up my mind to give his Excellency some words of advice on pension administration in Nasarawa state.

While also acknowledging the fact that engineer Abdullahi Sule increased the amount of money allocated for payment of pension in the state from 300 million to 500 million in addition to an earlier pledge to commit the world Bank largesse to the same cause, these are glaring indications that the governor is truly committed to providing a new lease of life to the quagmire that plagued pension matter in the state.

Contrary to what obtains, the pension high command in the state has the list of all dead and living pensioners in the state which can be used to easily dispense funds through transfer from Banks to respective pensioners instead of congregating and congesting at the Bureau which impedes service delivery in the offices.

In addition, bureaucracy will be completely removed from the system and pave way for ease of pension administration in the state whereby alert system will reign supreme and give governor Abdullahi Sule the acronym of Mr ALERT in the state.

In fact, doing this will further endear the governor to the hearts of retired civl servants in the state.Recalled that during the reelection bid of the late governor of the state,Alhaji Aliyu Akwe Doma in 2011,it was the State Union of Pensioners that procured the form for him to contest the election because of his predisposition and goodness towards the cause of retirees by always allocating an additional 50 million on top of the 20 million monthly allocation to Bureau.

Believably the current union leaders may do same by purchasing the second term bid for Engineer Abdullahi Sule if he should consent to the suggestion to become the MR ALERT of Nasarawa state just like governor Barr Simon Lalong of Plateau state earned the acronym.

As governor Abdullahi Sule takes proactive steps to turn around activities at the state pension bureau for the better, there’s need to completely reduce congestion at the precint of the bureau in the face of the current COVID 19 pendamic that is slowly making a come back to the world.

It may interest his Excellency to know that the bureau is currently constituted is over bloated and deserves to balkanized into namely state and local government bureau each with its tutular head for ease.of administration.

This was the case.before late governor Aliyu Akwe Doma through executive fiat merged the two bodies together under one director general Alhaji Idris Gani who superintendent over the office before he was relieved of his appointment by the Almakura administration in 2011.

As a man with the magic wand who turns everything he touches into gold, the governor will surely live his name in the golden sands of time if he harkens to the clarion call to rejig the organization.

Finally, the engineer Abdullahi Sule administration though still in its embroynic stage is already impacting heavily on the lives of Nasarawa people through equitable spread of democracy dividends to all nook and crannies of the state. Once more kudos to the people’s governor and congrats on your heavenly blessing with twins.Goodness begets more goodess,so Allah decrees.Allah ya raya.Ameeeeeen!

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