The Need For More Federal Presence In Nasarawa State

By Rabiu Garba Sufyan. The concept of Corporate social Responsibility (CRS) means different things to different people, depending on its concomitant applications and impact.

Some people perceive it as a private or multinational company driven responsibility, which is often expected to be applicable or operational in a given community where such company is located. This is usually referred to as the *host community*, while others argue that it should be all-encompassing, regardless of whether it is government or private/multinational company involved. The general notion, however, is that burden which makes the Government number one provider of social services that include security, welfare and infrastructural facilities to of the citizenry.

In the light of the aforementioned perceptions, it is our fervent belief that the Federal Government is not unaware of Nasarawa State’s hospitable and peaceful nature for being one of the best States sharing borders with the Federal Capital Territory (the Seat of Government) especially that a high percentage of workers and businessmen and women live in the satellite towns of Mararaba, Karu, Toto, Nyanya, Masaka and Keffi. We always welcome and accommodate them with open hands and friendship in our noble State, although our meager resources and infrastructural facilities are being over stretched because of wear and tear, as it can happen to anything over a period of time. In this regard, it is human to recognise, appraise one’s good deeds and make efforts towards improvements. It is in recognition of this fact that we are making an appeal that emanated from our observation to request the Federal Government to complement the efforts of the Nasarawa State in the provision of social amenities or infrastructural facilities.

Apart from the workers of FCT, a number of employees of the Federal government are also residing within the territorial jurisdiction of Nasarawa State. The question is, do the Federal government and Federal Capital Territory Authority pay the needed attention and extend support to the government of Nasarawa State?

With all sense of humility, modesty, responsibility and patriotism, Nasarawa State people are happy with the changes and progress being achieved by President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) since he was elected in 2015, without taking his eyes from his tripartite policies: zero tolerance for corruption, provision of security and infrastructural facilities.

We, however, would like to voice out our concern, using this medium. Let it be seen as an appeal, but not an agitation. We, therefore , request for a special consideration for more Federal presence in terms of provision of infrastructural facilities and appointments in the Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

We therefore appeal to Mr. President for consideration in Federal government appointments and provision of infrastructure in Nasarawa state to cushion the negative effects of over stretched facilities, especially at the Karu/Maraba axis.

Rabiu Garba Sufyan is the Shatiman Badarawa, Kaduna and Wakilin Birnin Gona, Gombe

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