Hon. Aliyu Bello: The Making Of Sardaunan Adogi

The ancient city of Adogi in Lafia Local Government went agog last Friday to honour Hon Aliyu Bello as Sardaunan Adogi. The ceremony witnessed a mammoth crown from various strata of the society both far and near.Hon Aliyu Bello who is also the madubi of Kanje and State APC caretaker Secretary is a politician of national repute having served in various political party capacities in Nasarawa State and beyond. Hon Aliyu. Bello is a board member of one of the Federal Government Parastatals. The Sardaunan Adogi is a politically exposed as well as experienced politician who knows his onion when it comes to playing partisan politics in Nasarawa. He is a politician one can ignore at his or her own peril. Many of Hon Bello’s contemporaries in politics have since falling aside due largely to lack of basic knowledge of contemporary politics but Hon Aliyu Bello owing to his exposure and experienced still remains strong as Zuma rock. Hon Aliyu Bello philanthropic activity which covers all aspects of human endeavours is legendary so to speak. It is no wonder therefore when the news of enthronement of Hon Aliyu Bello as Sardaunan Adogi came to light, the entire people of Lafia became elate with the news. This is indeed, a case of giving honour to whom honour is due. Many speakers at the coronation extolled the virtues of Hon Aliyu Bello and commended the Adogi people for giving him ( Aliyu Bello) the prestigious title of Sardauna.

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