Six Years Stewardship Of Speaker Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi

By Jibrin Gwana. It’s on records that on June 9th, 2015, Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi was sworn in at the Chambers of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, effectively marking the commencement of the 5th Assembly session of the State Assembly.

He came as a member to represent Umaisha/Ugya Constituency in the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, on Shendam Road, Lafia.

This write-up, *For The Records,* is intended to be brief, more of facts and practical than theoritical. It therefore focuses essentially on the circle of achievements of the Hon Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi within the specific radius of his immediate constituency, (ie,Umaisha/Ugya).


Within the period under review, Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi has been able to give out the followings~>

(1) Donation of *6 cars to all Ward CHAIRMEN* of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Umaisha/Ugya Constituency.

( 2) Donation of *6 motor cycles* to all the APC ward Secretaries in Umaisha/Ugya Constituency .

(3) The sinking of *10 boreholes* across the 6 electoral wards of the Constituency.

*To mark his one year in office*

Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi rolled out programmes that gulped *N14 million* within his Constituency.

*The programmes involved are~>*

(1) Donation of 2 *Speedboats* (with engines ensuite) to the people of the reiverine areas to ease transportation.

(2) Donation of *6 Sharon vehicles* to various groups and organisations within Umaisha/Ugya Constituency including ~>

(1) Youth Association

(11) Women Association

(111) Toto LGA APC EXCOs



( V1) JNI

(3) Scholarships of *#20,000. each to 50 indigent students* from different tertiary institutions under the “Balarabe Education Support Programmes”.


While marking his two years in office, Balarabe Abdullahi, empowered his constituents with over *N16million,* the breakdown of which is as shown below~>

(1) Presentation of *700 wrappers* to women of his Constituency.

(2) Distribution of 65 *Sewing machines* to women across the 6 Electoral Wards of the Constituency.

(3) Financial Empowerment of *100 women with #30,000 each.*

(4) Another round of scholarships of *#20,000. to each of 100 indigent students,* under the “Balarabe Education Support Programmes.”

(5) Distribution of *12 refrigerators* and *12 generating sets* to women leaders and their deputies in the six Electoral Wards in his Constituency.


Through sheer commitment and concern, Ibrahim Balarabe was able to install *150 solar street lights* worth over *8million* in Umaisha.

*Projects Lobbied/Facilitated for Constituency*

(1) Lobbied and facilitated the rehabilitation and construction of delapidated *Toto/*Umaisha road.*

(2) Lobbied and Facilitated the installation of *35KVA transformers* in Toto to boost rural electrification.

(3)Lobbied and facilitated the establishment of Mobile Police Command, Toto.

(4) Also lobbied and facilitated the construction of *Onestory Classroom structures* in Government Transferred School, Umaisha where Balarabe attended his primary education.

(5) Lobbied and facilitated the construction of another *Onestory building* in Central Primary School, Umaisha.

( 6) Lobbied and facilitated the constructions of *Blocks of 3 classrooms* each in the following schools in his constituency

1. Umaisha Midtown Primary School.

2. Sogene Primary School, Sogane,

3. Kokoto Primary School, Kokoto,

4. Shege Primary School, Shege,

5. Katakpa Primary School, Katapha.

6.Two (2 ) Classroom blocks in Dausu Primary School, Dausu.

7.Two (2 ) blocks of 3 classrooms each at Ugya Primary School, Ugya and at Kuwa Primary School, Kuwa respectively.


It’s no gainsay that Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi was able to secure over 110 employments to unemployed youths and others in areas and places such as~>

*In the Civil Service.
*Health Sector.
*State University.
*Teaching in Schools.
*Security Services among others.

Of course, there are other numerous interventions and contributions of the speaker that this write up will rather not dwell, but suffice to say includes personal supports and assistance to individuals, groups, as well as payment of WAEC/NECO fees to students, payment of health bills, donation of vehicles to specific individuals, the sponsorship of pilgrims, admissions into tertiary institutions, etc.

Of importance to mention however, is the actualisation of the bill for the creation of Ogye chiefdom which paved way for the people to have a paramount ruler after 14 years of living without traditional ruler in Toto, the headquarters of Toto L.G.A.

Needless to say that this particular step taken helped in no all way to pave way for the installation of some village heads such as in Kuru, Ohizi, Abaza, Ugya, Shafa-Kwato, Adadu and Ahere among others.”

It’s also worthy of note perhaps to realize that of the 5 officially approved aides for the office of the Rt.Hon. Speaker, 4 are from Umaisha/Ugya Constituency while the only one from the neighboring Constituency, was appointed primarily on professional ground,It was also based on strong recommendation by respected elders of the Constituency. Jibrin Gwana is the Chief Press Secretary to the Hon Speaker.

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