Plans To Rubbish Sule’s Administration Ahead Of 2023 Election Uncovered


There is a covert plan to ground government activities in Nasarawa state to pave way for taking over of government by PDP from the ruling APC come 2023, investigation by Nasarawa Eye has revealed.

Our investigation showed that the plan to bring down the APC government in Nasarawa state in 2023 was hatched and is being systematically executed by some top government officials within Governor Abdullahi Sule’s administration.

It was discovered that these top government officials are hiding under the cover of knowing the nitty-gritty of how government operates to perpetuate their nefarious activities, taking undue advantage of the little civil service experience of Engr. Abdullahi Sule.

It was learnt that all the negative actions of Sule’s government which has long term implications for APC in the state are being perpetrated by these government officials.

According to Nasarawa Eye investigation, the inability of government to reach an agreement with the organized labour following an indefinite strike action declared by them was due mainly to negative advice of these very government officials who swore to see to the end of APC government in Nasarawa state.

Also, as part of this strategy, our findings revealed that in one their meetings, this ‘cabal’ agreed to do all they could to give Sule’s government a bad image so as to scuttle the growing popularity of his administration in the state.

Our source further disclosed that to ensure effective grounding of government, there is already a circular from the office of the Head of Service indicating that henceforth, all government ministries, departments and agencies’ (MDAs) expenditures should be drawn from their respective overheads citing need ‘to ensure reduction of cost of governance’ as reason for the action.

Our Source observed that MDAs overheads currently, cannot take care of their expenditures including allowances of casual workers whose number across all the MDAs stands at well over 10, 000.

Nasarawa Eye sources also noted that forcing MDAs to incur expenditures within their overheads will ultimately result to lay-off of all casual workers and that will worsen the growing unemployment in the state.

Our investigation further revealed that plans to rubbish Engr Sule’s administration did not stop at grounding of government structures but also extends to APC structures.

It was gathered that currently, there is disenchantment among APC members from bottom to top, due to lack of ‘patronage’ from government. This according to Nasarawa Eye findings was due to negative advice of this ‘cabal’.

“Even the ‘dummy’ not to conduct local government elections in the state was sold to Engr. Sule by the ‘cabal’ solely to discredit him and the APC in the state”, our source added.

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