Orogu’s Outburst Against Gov Sule Most Despicable- Nasarawa APC

The attention of All Progressives Congress, APC, Nasarawa State has been drawn to the Statement quoted in some sections of the news media credited to the Nasarawa State PDP Chairman; Francis Orogu.

The statement in reference was issued during Orogu’s political Scavenging visit to the steads of the former vice president, Atiku Abubakar where he became intoxicated by the crumbs thrown at him to utter unfounded gibberish.

A statement issued in Lafia and signed by the APC publicity secretary Mr. Otaru Douglas said ordinarily, Nasarawa State APC would have overlooked the spurious claims and political infamy of the “suppossed lone ranging Chairman of an almost none existent party” but given the latent effect on the hard earned image of the Governor and the party as well as the public misrepresentation of the issues raised, it becomes expedient to reply to his ignominy.

Orogu’s claims that Gov Abdullahi A Sule’s APC led Administration has achieved nothing in two years is incorrect, most despicable, unrighteous, and tantamount to a child denying the biological roles of his parent in his existential earthly journey. To us as a party, it is totally unacceptable and considered politically sacrilegious given the very modest efforts the party under His Excellency, Gov Abdullahi A Sule is putting in place to ensure the state is fixed on the part of social, political and economic prosperity. May we be quick to remind Orogu and his co travellers that governance is no longer business as usual. Sule’s agenda setting, target driven and cost effective approach of governance is one of the result oriented models that could be applied anywhere in the world. For the records, we want to remind Orogu that the peace and security he enjoys in the State is an achievement.

  • Gov Sule’s modest efforts aimed at recapitalization of the state through establishment of state owned revenue generating agencies and enterprises is also a rare fit of competency.

*Attracting investments from multinationals and the industrialization drive through Governor Sule’s Social and economic capital is an achievement.

  • Infrastructural upgrade, expansion and reformation of our educational sector is a pointer to Sule’s drive in liberating the people of the state from both mental and economic poverty.
  • Rural integration projects, urban renewal projects and road constructions are all visible for even the blind to see except Orogu whose only stock in trade is peddling falsehood.

*The health sector has also witnessed tremendous growth through the expansion of primary healthcare facilities, building and equipping of the state of the art ultramodern hospitals and establishment of teaching hospitals in our tertiary institutions.

*Neighborhood markets are under construction across the three Senatorial Districts of the state not to talk about the state of the art ultramodern bus terminals being constructed in karu and Lafia simultaneously.

  • Energy sector is receiving a total overhaul with Akruba power station completed and ready for use as well as street lightings even along Orogu’s house.
  • The housing and real estate sector has witnessed a bolster as the peninsula estate is ongoing while the Karu smart city project is about commencing.

*Salaries, pension and gratuities are now regularly paid as and when due and many more.

Dear Orogu and cohorts, you presided over a corrupt assembly that rendered the state impoverished and under developed, we are at lost as to your source of courage and moral standing as a man of unclean records who has succeeded in destroying his own political party, pontificating as a saint, calling Sule’s appointees as corrupt.

We wish to inform you that the people of Nasarawa State had since forgiven you your sins of the past. Go, repent and sin no more. While It is hoped that this will reset your political memory and serve as a guide on how to criticize constructively, we enjoined you to go and settle your scores with your depleting party.

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