Gov Sule: Path To Sustainable Development In Nasarawa

By Ali Abare

In every worthwhile endeavour, there are challenges. And as the saying goes, nothing good comes easy. For a leader with foresight and vision to further develop Nasarawa State and to make the state attend to its God given potentials, Nasarawa State governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, came with a practicable blueprint to actualize his vision.

Tried, tested and proven, Engineer Sule came into power from a vintage position of being a high flying chief executive of the Dangote Group, having retired as the Group Managing Director of the company to return to politics.

Engineer Sule brought into governance a difference that is clear to every discerning mind. He came with vast experience in managing both financial and human resources. He came with a knack for setting and achieving objectives.

Having previously contested for same position in the past, he didn’t came into office accidentally. He came purposely to bring his hard earned experience in the private sector to turn around the fortunes of the state.

For a state like Nasarawa, strategically located in the North Central geopolitical zone, with abundant arable land and hard working people who are predominantly farmers, coupled with the availability of mineral resources, including crude oil, the state has no business with poverty. Most importantly, Nasarawa State with its tremendous human and natural resources, has no business going to Abuja cap in hand every month for a subvention.

In fact, recent research shows that Nasarawa State is leading other states in the country when it comes to producing seseme, second largest producer of yams and third largest producer of rice in Nigeria.

Nasarawa State is blessed and therefore could ill afford to be classed among states often referred to as civil service states, meaning all that happens is that the state awaits manna from Abuja only to come alive at the end of the month and then go back to sleep to wait for another stipend from the Federal Government.

If the potentials of the state is properly harnessed and utilized, Nasarawa State could exist independent of monthly subvention from the Federal Government. This is the vision behind the development strides of the Engineer Sule administration.

Engineer Sule came to exploit, harness and effectively utilize the God given potentials that abound in Nasarawa State. He didn’t come to wait for monthly subvention that is even grossly inadequate to address the challenges confronting the state.

Wooing investors, building new infrastructure, creating enabling business environment, creating sound policies on fiscal responsibility and transparency, are all part of the huge reforms being introduced by the present administration under the leadership of Engineer Abdullahi Sule.

The people of Nasarawa State should be appreciative of this noble gesture. Engineer Sule is on a mission that is not only daunting but that requires patience and understanding from the people that stand to benefit most. Rome was not built in a day and it’s far easier to destroy than to build.

Supporting the policies and decisions of the Engineer Sule administration therefore, will keep Nasarawa State on the part of prosperity and sustainable development, even as Engineer Sule has expressed willingness to accept constructive criticism aimed at keeping tract of government activities, showing vigilance, as well as highlighting drawbacks in policies.

Of course, and in our democracy, it’s common to see society divided into segments each with a different perspective about the policies undertaken by governments; it is something which keeps the true essence of democracy alive.

There are many instances in the past of governance and society improving because of the positive criticism by some people or group. These examples give democracies around the world a chance of improving the quality of governance and hence create a better society.

The task ahead of the Engineer Sule administration is enormous, especially against the backdrop of challenges posed by dwindling economy, issues of insecurity, bureaucratic bottlenecks and lapses, inadequate infrastructure, to mention but a few. Thus, what the administration contemplates on a daily basis, is enough to divert a less determined person but not Engineer Sule.

Because the projects being undertaken by the present administration are aimed at ensuring sustainable development, these projects are essentially unconventional, futuristic. They take time to mature. But with such unparalleled commitments, the people of Nasarawa State stand to benefit from this untiring, dogged determination to better their lot.

Yes, there are those who may choose to see things otherwise. That is the beauty of democracy. The only thing is for the people to seek to uncover the motives behind the actions of such persons with vested interest who deliberately refused to acknowledge the sterling efforts of the Engineer Sule administration.

Certainly, as we approach the 2023 general election, some people will habitually and even necessarily attack the leadership in power. This is understandable. These crop of individuals only seek power for the sake of power and as such will go to any length to attain power.

The people of Nasarawa State therefore must shine their eyes as they identify constructive criticism from those who are desperately seeking to feather their political nest ahead of the 2023 general election.

As a people, we should unite and support the lofty ideals of the Engineer Sule administration as we collectively work towards berthing a new Nasarawa State of our dream.

For Engineer Sule, governance, like he often says, is not a tea party. Even as you totally commit yourself to the vision of transforming Nasarawa State, keep at the back of your mind that some people will choose not to see the good things you are bringing to the state.

We therefore urge you to remain resolute, determined and unshaken in your avowed determination to take Nasarawa State to greater heights.

Abare is a special assistant on media to the governor of Nasarawa State.

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