Tackling Insecurity: The A A Sule Model

By Adefolarin A.Olamilekan

Government’s across the world inability to effectively and efficiently protect life and property is taking a toll.
Even though developing nations are making head ways, especially in improving living conditions of there citizens and with modern technologies in security.

In Africa the story is much pathetic. Simply due to cost of living and doing business, couple with disposable incomes challenges has aggravated insecurity in the continent.

According, to the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) in its 2021 report on the economic value of peace, showed that as much as eight per cent of Nigeria’s GDP or $132.59 billion (N50.38 trillion at N380/$1) is being impacted economically by growing violence around the country. This data point to economic impact of violence on countries’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

However, the implication of the report findings of IEP that estimates, the economic impact of violence that was calculated using a comprehensive aggregation of costs related to violence, conflict and violence containment spending. Eighteen variables across three domains of violence containment, armed conflict and interpersonal and self-inflicted violence were modelled to arrive at the cost of violence in Nigeria.

Interesting, even as this happened in country.
The current Government of Nasarawa state under the stewardship of Engr. AA Sule has deployed a strategic security architecture that is locally driven but with global best practice models.

Conversely, Engr. Abdullahi Sule’s administration’s mechanisms in governance architecture proved to be a walk the talk of the government development policy thrust placing the state on a high pedestal of economic development.

From different angles and circles of governance and policies. The Gov. Sule security model is outwardly securing economic growth and development of the state.

For instance,the herders farmers clashes in the country over the year’s recordings huge lost of live and properties worth millions of naira.
Remains a monstrous challenge to the nations

Significantly, Nasarawa state government in the last two years put in place a re-designed security models that fostered such clandestine clashes in the state.

Not only that other The security challenges bordering on kidnapping,banditry,armed robbery and other sundry crimes have been reduced to the barest.

The AA Sule administration understand the imperative of working with the federal government and neighboring states governors to deployed its security models.

As the governor said in recent media chart that.
“Through sustained collaboration and synergy with the government of various states, we have been able to reduce border conflicts and skirmishes in our border communities”

Succinctly, we admits that Gov Sule administration security models is the type that seek out networking with dedicated stakeholders like the military.
This network birthed the establishment of military super camps at Kenyehu and Udege in Toto and Nasarawa LGAs.

Without over exergeration the Nasarawa state collaboration with security agencies and all other critical security stakeholders had successfully improve security in the state.
One laudable fits of this is the checkmating and chasing out the deadly Daru-salam sects from Toto LGA of the state.

One must acknowledged the fact that Gov. Sule pride in the expanded security stakeholders meetings.
That accommodate all security heads,traditional rulers and state executive council fine tuned the models of the state security dragnets with great impacts.

Apart from the foregoing Governor, Sule is using education to fight the security challenges in the state.
The governor disclosed this in Lafia the state capital recently.
“We believe in science and technical education. And we are using education to actually fight insecurity because we believe if people are well educated, independent, well-equipped, then they will get away from this security challenges that we are facing.”
We must say that the peaceful coexistence of all ethnics and religious group has been well managed by the governor also connote a model of security success in the state.
For us this has influence the administration to achieved milestones in other sector such as health, education, agriculture, infrastructures among other.

It is our firm believe that peaceful atmosphere’s Nasarawa state is enjoying today is bound to increased her food productions if the security models of the current government can be sustained.
In the same vein,as allied agricultural industry springs up in the state and neighboring states,farmers in Nasarawa state can feed them with raw materials
Specifically, we commends the state government, but we see need for them to keep it up.

While,there is still more rooms for the government to improve on.
Because on the flip side,attracting investors to the state to must be Marshall with the target environments that promotes ease of doing business.
Similarly, the security in the state might be better now but it could only get better with employment for the youth in industrial sector leading to zero idle hands and policy consistencies in as legacy.

Adefolarin A. Olamilekan
Political Economist and Development Researcher Write in from Luvu Masaka,Karu LGA Nasarawa State

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