Open Letter To Nasarawa Civil Service Commission (CSC)

BY Yusuf Shehu Usman

There is so much going on in the social media about how slots for appointments into the State Civil Service are shared among Political office holders and powerful Politicians in the State
The question to ask here is, if the report making the rounds is true, does it mean that in Nasarawa State if you are not a lackey, a praise singer, a relation or a tout of a political Office holder, you will not get an appointment in the Civil Service?

I am not happy with the trend I am reading from the Facebook
Every person who secured an appointment in the Civil Service is attributing it to or giving credit to one Political office holder or the other

What this means, is that if you are not connected by blood or Political association with those in power and those holding Political offices, you have no chance (not to talk of right) to secure an appointment in the civil service

It’s pertinent to point out that the government and indeed the civil service is not an Institution of politics and not the property of any party in power

The Government and the civil service is for all the citizens of Nasarawa State. It’s for the people in power, for those in opposition and also for those who chose not to support the government or join in the opposition to it

The Government and the Civil Service of Nasarawa State are the common patrimony of all citizens of Nasarawa State, regards of Political party affiliation, tribe or religion

If slots for appointments are shared only among the members of the Government or the party in power as it’s widely circulated by the beneficiaries in the social media, it’s an unjust deprivation of those without links in the power cycles even if they are eminently qualified for such appointments

What is more, the State civil service will be deprived of the best in terms of qualification and.merit to serve in the civil service

Those flaunting appointments secured through nepotism or Political servitude and those who helped them secure the appointments should both be ashamed of themselves

This is because for every such appointment secured through this obnoxious, non transparent and manipulative process, another citizen probably better qualified was denied an equal opportunity to get an appointment in the civil service

It’s very disheartening reading this kind of travesty on the platforms of the social media as it only projects the state in bad light. And for avoidance of doubt, Nasarawa State Civil Service is for all the citizens of the state not for select few.

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