Al-makura’s Campaign Should Be Issue Based- Barr. Yusuf Shehu

Former Attorney General in Nasarawa state Barr Yusuf Shehu has described the porported attack on former governor Abdullahi Adamu in Azara as out of tune and uncivilized. ‘ In my honest opinion, our Campaign should be on issues and we should avoid attacking personalities or encouraging others to do so, in circumstances under which people will point accusing fingers to our Principal.

Barr Yusuf Shehu who is also a member of Al-makura campaign team said what is at stake is a national contest and we should avoid any tendency to trivialise it or relegate it to the local politics of Nasarawa State. It will be a negative to our project should we condescend so low. We are not the only State with more than one aspirant.
I have not seen or heard this type of thing coming out of Niger State

We have and are still gathering tremendous and electrifying support and good will from across the nation
Our efforts should be concentrated on consolidating and sustaining the tempo in these crucial last days to gain more advantage by making more emphatic statements in the contest. We should not take our eyes off the ball.
Any local incident concerning Abdullahi Adamu is a distraction which we should not allow at this crucial time.”

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