APC National Chairmanship: Why We Must Go For Senator Abdullahi Adamu

By Ibrahim Ibrahim. President Buhari’s reported unequivocal endorsement of distinguished senator Abdullahi ADAMU, a former governor of Nasarawa state -1999 to 2007, as the right candidate for the much coveted chairmanship of the National ruling party, APC, was announced on the 24th February, 2022, ahead of the party’s 26th march National Convention. The President’s decision could not be more apt, politically correct and strategic. It’s perhaps, one of the most wisdom-guided and cleverest political decisions of the president since his 2015 power inception. It is extremely strange and dismaying, however, that soon after the President’s reported decision was announced, a so-called “National Stakeholders Group” of the Party expressed their disproval, questioning Senator Adamu’s credentials for the job.
Make no mistake about it : Aged 75 and a lawyer by profession, Abdullahi Adamu is a man characterized by unalloyed loyalty to incumbent leadership, which is a primary consideration, in the circimstance , for President Buhari , as the Party leader and chief stakeholder of APC . Senator Adamu also happens to be the most qualified, most experienced and most suitable of all the candidates for the job, especially now that, the national ruling party is faced with serious challenges of cohesion requiring a most articulate, meticulous, technocratically and politically skilled , experienced and polished hand to reconcile and reposition the Party to achieve a rancour- free and fair Convention in readiness for a resounding victory at the forthcoming all important 2023 General Elections .
The President’s reported endorsement of Senator Abdullahi Adamu for APC chairmanship is no surprise at all considering that the Party has been crisis-ridden for sometime. Adamu was the man considered fit and saddled with the chairmanship of the Party’s Reconciliation Committee, which has been vigorously pursuing the reconciliation agenda since it came into being. Then, who is better placed or more suitable to take charge of the Party at its most critical moment other than the APC Prince of Peace and Reconciliation? Let the so called APC Stakeholders be sincere, objective and free of narrow mindedness !!
Distinguished senator Abdullahi Adamu is indeed a polished and highly experienced politician . Indeed, a great man of Steel and Roses .Between 1967 and 1983, he worked as a technocrat in various establishments . He joined politics since 1977, and was elected to the Constituent Assembly, which drafted Nigeria’s short-lived second Republic (1979-1983) Constitution. He was a pioneer member of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), the first Secretary-General of the Plateau State Chapter of the NPN from 1978 to 1983. In 1994, he was appointed to the National Constitutional Conference by General Sani Abacha’s administration. In March 1995, Adamu was appointed Minister of State of the Works and Housing Ministry untill 1997. When the ban of politics was lifted in 1997, he joined the United Nigeria Congress Party (UNCP). In 1998, Abdullahi Adamu became a founding member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He became the executive governor of Nassarawa state under the PDP platform from 1999 to 2007. After a 4-year rest, Adamu contested and became the Senator representing Nassarawa West senatorial district from May 2011, for three consecutive terms, till date.It is known to all and sundry that, in the National Assembly, ranking Senator Abdullahi Adamu constituted himself as the chief defender of President Buhari’s programmes and objectives.
In their vituperations, the so-called APC National Stakeholders Group have argued that Senator Adamu’s deeprooted PDP background is a major drawback alleging that he could sale out or conspire with the rival party. But isn’t it a major plus that he knows the rival PDP in and out and as such he is in the best position to commandeer the ruling APC to tackle and thrash the opposition PDP in any electoral contest? They also pretentiousely raised concern about the need for APC to have as its Chairman “a person who has demonstrated a proven capacity for youth inclusion and the ability to harvest the energy of young people to drive party activities, especially in this age of digital and social media mobilization”. But who among all the candidates for APC chairmanship has greater youth inclination and historical links with the youth than Senator Abdullahi Adamu? He was part of those that formed the National Union of Nigerian Students (NUNS ), a foundation member, before it became National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). He later became the first National Vice President of NANS and from there became a leader in the NPN, where he was a State Secretary, then State Chairman and member of the Party’s National Executive Committee. What louder testimony of Adamu’s strong bonds with the youth can there be than the 7th March, 2022, endorsement of his candidacy by the Young Legislators Forum in the House Of Representatives? It’s no surprise that Abdullahi Adamu’s enduring connection with the youth is frequently exhibited in his constituency, especially in his hometown Keffi, where as soon as he is ssighted , the youth begin chanting the nickname ” Maye” !! in Hausa, meaning a political wizard. Yes, a wizard indeed on account of his exceptional political dexterity and overwelming capacity to win elections constantly, without ever failing . Undoubtedly, Adamu’s much hopped for chairmanship of the APC would be a great and indispensible asset for the Party come 2023 General Elections and much beyond.

  • Ibrahim IBRAHIM
    (Iņtelligence and Security Consultant ) contribute this piece from Kubwa, Abuja FCT

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